For the second single off of his latest solo record, Rattle That Lock, David Gilmour gives fans an inside, behind-the-scenes look at his 2015/2016 tour in the latest clip for "Today." The Aubrey Powell-directed video shows the Pink Floyd icon rehearsing alongside his live band just ahead of a recent gig in Brighton, UK. Throughout the clip, footage is spliced in of fans purchasing merchandise and the diligent road crew setting up the stage.

"Today" showcases Gilmour's lyrics of "clinging tight in the wreckage of love" as the band switches from groovy verses to dreamy choruses. As the guitarist explained in a previous "making of" video, the track was a result of a collaboration between himself and Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera co-producer of Rattle That Lock.

Following its release last Friday, Gilmour's first solo album in nine years jumped straight to number one, beating out Lana Del Rey's Honeymoon. "It's thrilling to get a Number One album; we all want to hit the top spot, however long we've been at it, I'm delighted... I shall enjoy celebrating this good news tonight by playing at the Royal Albert Hall," The Telegraph notes. 

"'Today' was one of the ones that Phil put together of two or three pieces of music of mine that I had sort of ignored," Gilmour explained according to Rolling Stone. "He's very good at finding them and saying 'That's great, you should use it. How about using it with that piece and that piece?' So he mocked that one up. It's a gift."

The song, just like the album's title track, boasts backup vocals from Louise Marshall and Mica Paris. "Something I've always really liked, the idea of the backing singer," Gilmour added. "We have used, as Pink Floyd and myself, backing singers going back to Dark Side of the Moon, where they were liberally plastered over a lot of it. And it's something I've really enjoyed."

Gilmour will take the stage at London's Royal Albert Hall on September 25, his third performance of a three-night string of gigs; followed by British dates in October as well as his first ever run in South America. The endeavor will resume at Los Angeles' Hollywood Bowl in March before launching further into North America.