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David Gilmour

David Gilmour Releases New Behind-the-Scenes 'Today' Clip [WATCH]

Buzz 08:50AM EDT

For the second single off of his latest solo record, 'Rattle That Lock,' David Gilmour gives fans an inside, behind-the-scenes look at his 2015/2016 tour in the latest clip for "Today." The Aubrey Powell-directed video shows the Pink Floyd icon rehearsing alongside his live band just ahead of a recent gig in Brighton, UK. Throughout the clip, footage is spliced in of fans purchasing merchandise and the diligent road crew setting up the stage.READ MORE

John Peel was also way into vinyl before you.

5 Bands John Peel Was into Way Before You Were: Roxy Music, The Smiths, The White Stripes and More

Exclusives 17:08PM EDT

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the death of John Peel, the most influential DJ in the history of British radio and possibly even the world (it's arguable). Most affiliate a good disc jockey with a listenable voice but the best are those who become tastemakers for their community/listening base. They didn't make the music but they make sure that you hear it. John Peel was influential in launching many a band to stardom, such as Pink Floyd, but the five listed below could not have gotten by without a push from Peel far before their names went up in lights.READ MORE

Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry Shares Five New Songs From Upcoming Album 'Avonmore'

Buzz 17:11PM EDT

Though his legendary band Roxy Music recently announced their break-up, singer and band leader Bryan Ferry is far from done with the music business, sharing five (yes, five) new songs through NPR from his upcoming album Avonmore. These songs include "Midnight Train," "Soldier of Fortune," "Johnny and Mary," and "Driving Me Wild," as well as a cover of Stephen Sondheim's "Send In The Clowns."READ MORE

Bryan Ferry front Roxy Music during 1982...the last time the band released a new album.

Roxy Music Is Done, According to Guitarist Phil Manzanera

Buzz 09:17AM EDT

Guys, Roxy Music has broken up and this time it's serious. Guitarist Phil Manzanera broke the news to Rolling Stone on Monday.READ MORE

Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry Gets Help from Johnny Marr, Nile Rodgers and Flea on New Album

Genres 15:51PM EDT

Former Roxy Music frontman Bryan Ferry is getting some major help on his new album "Avonmore."READ MORE

Sinead O'Connor -

13 Albums That End With Their Title Track: Bruce Springsteen, Sinead O'Connor, And More

Exclusives 12:37PM EDT

An album's title track is inevitably given more weight than the album's other songs, because it's natural to assume that the one song the entire album s named after must be something special. However, these artists chose to place even more weight on these particular songs by choosing to close out the entire album with them.READ MORE

Justin Timberlake

9 Solo Artists Who Are Better Than Their Bands: Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, And More

Genres 12:58PM EDT

How many times have you been disappointed by a solo album from a member of one of your favorite bands? Sometimes they're outright bad, but even the good ones (Morrissey, Paul McCartney, etc.) simply can't compare to their old bands. However, these nine artists broke this trend, releasing solo albums that actually surpass the work of their old bands.READ MORE


7 Bands That Spawned Multiple Prominent Solo Careers: Genesis, Wu-Tang Clan, And More

Exclusives 13:46PM EDT

Many bands would be lucky enough to have just one immensely talented artist to carry them to success, but these seven bands had two (or sometimes more) musicians in their ranks who would go on to achieve success on their own.READ MORE

Dr. Dre: 'I have one million dollars for every one of these buttons.'

6 Musicians Who Became Famous Producers: Brian Eno, Dr. Dre, And More

Exclusives 18:52PM EDT

Plenty of musicians eventually try their hand at producing, since it's pretty hard to record music in a studio without learning a thing or two about production. However, these six artists proved to be such talented producers that they made a second career out of it. Here are six musicians who became famous record producers.READ MORE

5 Musicians Who Nearly Joined Other Bands: Kurt Cobain, Elton John, And More

Exclusives 18:08PM EDT

Rock history is littered with millions of "what if" scenarios. What if Jimi Hendrix was still alive? What if Jimmy Page had actually started that band with Keith Moon? Here are five more "what if" scenarios: five musicians who nearly joined other bands.READ MORE

Peter Gabriel -

7 Artists Who Recruited Old Bandmates For Solo Albums: Peter Gabriel, Iggy Pop, and more

Exclusives 09:19AM EDT

When musicians leave their bands and go on to record solo albums, it seems like their former bandmates would be the last people they'd want to help out. However, these seven musicians actually recruited their old bandmates to perform on their solo albums.READ MORE

Iron Maiden -

6 Artists With a Running Theme In Their Album Covers: The Smiths, Iron Maiden, and more

Exclusives 17:59PM EDT

Though artists are constantly morphing and experimenting, many like to keep a consistent theme running through their music and visual aesthetic. These six artists took this idea of visual consistency to heart, creating album covers that immediately identify an album as one of theirs.READ MORE

The B-52's -

6 Artists Whose Debut Songs Were Their Best: The B-52's, Black Flag, and more

Exclusives 15:00PM EDT

It's not uncommon for an artist's debut album to be its best work, but some artists have debut singles that are so unequivocally excellent that they never again write anything that good. Here are six artists who's debut song was their best.READ MORE

Pink Floyd -

7 Great Rock Songs with Saxophone: Pink Floyd, David Bowie, and more

Exclusives 16:26PM EDT

Despite what Courtney Love may think, saxophones do, in fact, belong in rock music. Of course they can be used poorly, just like anything else really, but these seven songs prove that saxophone can be integrated brilliantly into rock music.READ MORE

8 Bands That Should Be On Classic Rock Radio: The Replacements, the Buzzcocks, and more

Exclusives 17:24PM EDT

Classic rock radio is, by its own design, a very stagnant radio format. While a lot of excellent songs are played, there’s never going to be new “classic rock” band to come along and shake things up. What these radio stations could do, though, is dig a little deeper and give some of these artists a spin.READ MORE

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