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Selena Gomez Performs New 'Revival' Single 'Same Old Love' on 'Fallon' and Plays Dubsmash

by Carolyn Menyes   Oct 15, 2015 12:41 PM EDT

Selena Gomez is sick of that "Same Old Love," and she's spreading the word on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Following the release of her new album Revival, on Wednesday (Oct. 15), the "Good for You" singer stopped by the late night talk show to perform the biting, Charli XCX penned hit and to play a few games with Jimmy Fallon, of course.

Gomez's performance of "Same Old Love" brought in the sort of creeping feeling that permeates throughout the song's bouncy piano beat. Recalling a sort of lounge singer atmosphere, Gomez rocked a suit jacket and black bird cage veil and began singing while sitting atop a piano. Eventually, she made her way down the stairs and took to an old-timey microphone where she rocked out to her latest single.

She also added in a little bit of sex factor by eventually stripping away her suit jacket and revealing a backless, low cut and high slit black dress, completing the vampy look with some red lipstick.

Gomez wasn't just on The Tonight Show to perform, she also had a little fun with Fallon when it comes to apps. Because she believes in ghosts and believes that they can permeate technology. She showed off her ghost hunting app and did a sweep of Fallon's studio and found some haunting children.

Though Fallon wasn't really buying the ghost hunting app, the two could bond over some Dubsmashing and commercial jingles and some Disney classics, including the opening number to The Lion King.

Gomez's new album Revival is out now.

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