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Demi Lovato Sings 'Cool for the Summer,' ‘Confident’ and ‘Stone Cold’ on 'Saturday Night Live'

by Alyssa Ladzinski   Oct 19, 2015 12:00 PM EDT

During the latest Tracy Morgan-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live, pop singer Demi Lovato took to the stage as musical guest to perform "Cool for the Summer," "Confident" and "Stone Cold" just two days trailing the release of her latest solo LP, Confident.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the former Disney Channel star managed to tackle all three album tracks during her SNL spotlight which began with a trimmed version of the Max Martin-produced hit single, "Cool for the Summer," which then drifted into the empowering title track, "Confident," boasting a horn section and support from a full band.

The "Skyscraper" singer recently unveiled her Robert Rodriguez-directed music video for "Confident" which showcases the singer being at odds with actress Michelle Rodriguez. Later in the SNL episode, Lovato returned to the stage for a rendition of "Stone Cold," in which she offered remarkable vocals on the piano-heavy ballad. Complementary to the musical numbers, Lovato also took her spot in a sketch which saw Tracy Morgan reprise his Astronaut Jones character, with Lovato acting as a "proud ruler of the Martian people." While trying to maintain peace, Morgan's spaceman says, "I say you take that butt out of that spacesuit and let me see it clap" to Lovato's martian, Rolling Stone reports.

The 23-year-old singer recently made a susprise appearance at New York City's Industry bar to promote her latest solo venture, Confident, and to perform its title track. Long-time friend Nick Jonas was the one to introduce her to the crowd as "the talented and amazing Demi Lovato."

"The stand out moment for me was when she actually started performing," DJ David Serrano recalls of the night, according to LogoTV's NewNowNext. "Her voice is STELLAR and you know it was live because for a second she got lost in the moment and forgot her lyrics. She quickly recovered though and hit some spectacular notes."

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