Los Angeles-based DJ Carnage is only a few days away until he releases his debut album Papi Gordio and normally artists would be celebrating at this moment, but instead the "Break The F*cking Walls Down" DJ has another worry on his mind. He was recently tabbed by gaming hardware company Razer to join their roster of artists as part of its newly launched Razer Music platform that gives producers tips and tools to hone their skills at making music. However, it appears as though he was just dropped by Razer after a recent controversy involving a pirated plugin became public and was not handled well by Carnage.

As part of the partnership, Carnage made a tutorial video on how to make 808s like him. During the video some astute viewers pointed out that Carnage was using a pirated version of the popular software Sylenth. When after about it, he first "why does it matter" and then claimed it was somebody else's computer, that computer appearing to one of Razer's.

Lennar Digital, the maker of Sylenth reached out to Carnage to accuse him of breaking copyright law, which can be a very tricky situation if indeed he did use pirated software for his own productions.

As noted by Billboard, Razer has removed the tutorial video with Carnage and all mention of Carnage from their website. He still appears in some promo shots and on a few social media posts, but the rest of his image has been scrubbed clean from the service.

Razer has not commented on the issue, nor has Carnage.

Razer is also working with other producers like Feed Me, deadmau5, Dyro and Metro Boomin' to provide tools like sample packs and tutorials on how to make music like them.

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