Larger than life personality and person, DJ Carnage has been embroiled in a mess regarding his recent partnership with gaming hardware company Razer and their newly launched Razer Music aimed at aspiring producers. He created a tutorial video on how to make 808s, which was criticized by many, but some started to notice that he was using a pirated version of popular production software Sylenth. This caused an uproar and what many believe what eventually led to Carnage being reportedly dropped from the Razer Music roster of artists that includes Dyro, deadmau5, Metro Boomin, Feed Me and others. Both sides have been pretty quiet on the matter until now. Carnage has responded to those accusations, proclaiming his innocence and saying the computer was Razer property.

In a lengthy statement to Billboard, Carnage took the time to plug his new album and explained his relationship with the Razer. He also said that the infamous tutorial looked as bad as it did because "I'd completely neglected to setup the laptop with the sessions I intended to use, as well as the necessary plugins. Needless to say I wasn't totally prepared for the session. For that, I'll assume full responsibility."

He then says that one of the Razer production staff handed him a branded laptop once they got to his studio to film the tutorial loaded with all of the software.

After the tutorial and things started to get out of hand, he reached out to Razer to try and get a statement on the situation.

"I know what's true so before saying anything publicly to disrespect Razer, I reach out to them and ask for them to issue a statement making things right. They knew what happened, and they decided to do nothing."

The decision to take down the video was "made together" and "mutual."

Razer has been pretty quiet on the issue, but they did state to Billboard that "the current disposition of our relationship with Carnage was altogether due to feedback we received from the video and nothing else." It is an ominous start to a program that could be quite helpful to young and aspiring producers with tools and tutorials to elevate the standard of one's production.

The whole issue became an issue when he was approached about the cracked software on Twitter and brushed it off as a non-issue. Lennar Digital, the creator of Sylenth then fired back saying they could very easily make it an issue if they wanted to.

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