We know you didn't ask for it. We know you probably didn't even consider this a possibility, but this week we were treated to a cover version of the Queen and David Bowie song, "Under Pressure," released by Smash Mouth. Shared online as a tribute to the late, great Bowie, this cover sounds as you would imagine a cover from the '90s pop rockers would sound like - which leaves the judgment up to you! Listen to the cover below. It's from the Zoom soundtrack, by the way.

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Just like a whole slew of other cover songs released as soon as possible after the music icon passed away earlier this week, including Britt Daniel of Spoon, the members of Smash Mouth thought it appropriate to share this very well-produced version of the hit single that joined two of the biggest acts in the world.

Though the original was somewhat of a dueling vocals duet between Bowie and the late Freddie Mercury, Smash Mouth lead singer Steve Harwell took on both parts. It isn't bad, you guys; the cover is actually enjoyable enough for a listen-through. Be careful you don't get too addicted it!

You can listen to the cover of "Under Pressure" as performed by "All-Star" and "Walkin' on the Sun" songwriters Smash Mouth right here (via UPROXX):

Perhaps the best tribute to David Bowie came straight from his hometown of Brixton, England, where hundreds of fans came together to sing his songs and celebrate his music. It isn't Smash Mouth, but you can check out some footage from the event right here.

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