Say Anything are officially releasing their brand new surprise album I Don't Think It Is today (Feb. 5), and during a new interview, frontman Max Bemis hinted that Kanye West liked the album and totally "got it."

In a new interview with Noisey, Bemis revealed that, through a "mutual friend and confidential non-musical project," he recently ended up working with West at his own studio. "He played me his new sh*t and I played him Say Anything and we went back and forth," says Bemis. "It was the most surreal thing."

He added, "He was super nice, super humble, really cool about our band and got it." We'd like to believe that this means West would possibly be open to an early-2000s pop-punk collaboration at some point, can't we dream?

The new Say Anything record, which seems to draw from hardcore influences, features a whole slew of artists from Mutemath's Darren King to Cody Votolato (The Blood Brothers), At The Drive-In's Paul Hinojos to Dylan Mathieson (Tiny Moving Parts), Sherri DuPree-Bemis (Eisley) and former Say Anything bassist Alex Kent.

Bemis said yesterday (Feb. 4) in a statement made on the band's official website that because their last experimental album was well-received, he decided to run with the new sound. "So without any plans for how it would turnout, I introduced a wild card into the equation..." he proclaimed.

I Don't Think It Is, which will serve as a follow-up to the band's latest 2014 LP Hebrews, is the pop-punk outfit's seventh overall studio album. It is due out today on Equal Vision Recordings via most digital platforms. Kanye West is also prepping the release of his highly-anticipated and long-awaited album WAVES.