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Watch The Weeknd's Violent, Intense 'False Alarm' Music Video

by Ryan Middleton   Oct 13, 2016 17:17 PM EDT

The Weeknd has released his violent and very intense music video the his latest single "False Alarm." It is the latest visual from his upcoming album Starboy.

The video cuts right to the chase, putting the viewers right in the scene of the crime from the eyes of one of the men in the midst of a violent bank robbery. Several of the individuals inside of the bank are already dead and there is blood, debris and money everywhere. The POV camera angle makes it feel like you are there and adds more realism to the action. 

After a brief battle with the police, they make it out and drive away, where the police continue to tail the truck. One by one the robbers get picked off in gruesome fashion. It all ends with the main robber alone with one hostage who doesn't seem too innocent after all. There is one wrinkle at the end as the video fades to black.

A lot of music videos can be boring or easy to skip away from, but you watch because the music is good. In this case, the video may actually be a bit better than the song that has received some mixed reviews. The video almost feels like a mini-movie with big production and a plot line. Most artists don't have the budget for something like this, but it is encouraging to see The Weeknd going for it on his videos.

"False Alarm" is the second single to emerge from his upcoming album Starboy. The first single was the title track "Starboy" featuring Daft Punk. The video for "Starboy" also got violent, so this may be a theme we see in his videos for the LP.

Starboy, the album, will be released on Nov. 25. Pre-order it on iTunes.

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