Gallant drops a cover of BTS member V's hit song "Singularity." The R&B singer shared his video via his Twitter account.

Unfortunately for fans, the singer's cover is just 15 seconds long. "Singularity" was released earlier this month as V's solo record. However, the song will still be part of the K-Pop group's forthcoming Love Yourself: Tear album, which will be released on Friday, May 18.

Earlier this month, BTS also dropped the official music video for "Singularity."

Gallant Collaborates With K-Pop Artists

Gallant is no stranger to K-Pop as he released a collaboration earlier this year with Epik High's Tablo and Eric Nam. The trio sang "Cave Me In," and they also starred in an over three-minute music video for the track.

In July 2017, Gallant also performed with pop-soul singer Lee Hi for the song "Skipping Stones." The Korean singer filled in for Jhene Aiko who missed the show.

"I saw a clip of [Lee] performing one of my favorite songs by Jazmine Sullivan and I thought that her voice was incredibly soulful," said Gallant.

The two artists met at a bar in Seoul, and they agreed to surprise fans with their performance at the Valley Rock Festival, one of the biggest music events in South Korea.

Gallant also performed with Tablo live following the release of "Cave Me In."

Why Gallant Loves Working With K-Pop Singers

The 26-year-old singer previously expressed his desire to work with more K-Pop artists in the future.

"I think [South Korea] is a fascinating musical landscape, I think that a lot of people in America aren't super familiar with it or don't appreciate it as much as I think they should... Every time I played a show [in Korea], it's always been the biggest show I've ever played at that point," said Gallant.

Who Is Gallant?

Gallant is an American singer and songwriter from Columbia, Maryland. He is currently signed to Mind of a Genius Records and Warner Bros. Records. He released his first debut EP in 2014, and it is called Zebra. Two years later, Gallant dropped his debut studio album Ology.

Some of his hit songs include "Weight In Gold," "Talking To Myself," "Bourbon," "Gentleman," "Bone + Tissue," "Open Up," "Oh, Universe," "Shotgun," "In The Room: Weight In Gold," "Talking In Your Sleep," "Percogesic," "Tears Dry On Their Own," "Jupiter Greyscale," "Cruisin'," "Chandra," "Reignite," "Testarossa Music," "Episode," "Miyazaki," "Counting," "Jupiter," and more.