El-P of the hip-hop duo Run the Jewels reveals that the NFL asked them for permission to use the song "Legend Has It."

On Twitter, the record producer and artist said they refused. Then, he voiced out his frustration over the sports organization on social media.

El-P Slams NFL

The NFL has been under fire recently after issuing a new national anthem policy that bars players from kneeling as a sign of protest against police brutality on African-Americans. The new rule demands that players and personnel stand to pay respect to the flag and the anthem. Anyone who does not follow this new policy will be fined.

In addition, El-P revealed that the billion-dollar industry offered to pay them nothing in exchange for using "Legend Has It" at the game and its broadcasts. He also accused the owners of racism.

El-P also clarified that he does not have an issue with football, the players, or its fans, but with the executives that have been shutting down a peaceful protest. However, he did encourage people to change the channel and watch something else to send the message to the organization.

"Legend Has It" is a track from Run The Jewels' most recent album Run The Jewels 3, which was released back in 2016.

Criticism Against NFL's New National Anthem Policy

The new national anthem policy of the NFL has been widely criticized by the public. A writer for the New York Times called the decision "anti-American" for suppressing a player's right to free expression by kneeling.

Chris Long, former defensive end of the Patriots, agreed. In a statement published on Twitter, he denounced the new policy and explained that demanding the players to stand for the national anthem is not due to the owners' love of country, but their fear of President Donald Trump.

"This is not patriotic. Don't get it confused," the football legend said in his powerful statement. "These owners don't love America more than the players demonstrating and taking real action to improve it."

Eagles owner Jeff Lurie also aired his sentiments and expressed support for the players who are fighting to stand with their marginalized brothers against racism.