Kid Cudi and Kanye West are planning on releasing more Kids See Ghosts albums. The former also said that he wants to drop 52 records annually.

However, nothing has been finalized yet. It is also unclear whether or not Kid Cudi meant he wants to release 52 songs or albums in a year. In June, Kid Cudi and West released Kids See Ghosts as part of West's promise to release five new albums in five weeks.

Did Kanye West Rush His Releases?

Despite the success of the album, West was criticized for rushing to release five compilations just to reach his goal. Kim Kardashian's husband also released records with Pusha-T, Nas, and Teyana Taylor. West also released his solo album weeks ago.

However, Kid Cudi came to West's defense when he said that his collaborator did not rush any of his projects. He said that his album alone took a year and a half to finish. Despite the length of time they needed to finalize the album, Kid Cudi said that he and West did not have a hard time putting their songs together because they clicked.

Kid Cudi Talks About 'Darker Times'

Other than his plans to release more records, Kid Cudi also talked about his personal life. He revealed that he has found joy after fighting depression. During his interview with Billboard, Kid Cudi was asked if his darker moments have been part of his destiny.

"Yeah. I was chosen to endure those, too. And I'll have to explain my darker moments again to my daughter one day. She'll want to know, and I'll have to explain, but she'll understand. She ain't going to judge me or nothing. It'd be different if she was living some crazy, messed-up life and s***, but like, no. She's straight. She's a happy little girl and I'll want her to know all of who I am," said Kid Cudi.

The rapper also said that he is not one to live in fear. At a young age, he moved out of his home to live independently. Kid Cudi knows that everything that happened in his life took place for a reason. This includes working at Abercrombie & Fitch, meeting friends that introduced him to his producer Dot, releasing his mixtapes, meeting Plain Pat, and more.

"It was my destiny," said the rapper.

Since 2008, Kid Cudi has released several albums such as Indicud, A Kid Named Cudi, Man on the Moon III, and more.