The 18th season of American Idol has recently concluded its "Hollywood Week", which was made refreshing by its duet performances. However, production for the following episodes has been put on hold because of the global coronavirus outbreak.

American Idol
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Now on its 18th season, American Idol has launched the careers of numerous artists, winners or not.

As ABC temporarily suspends taping and sends our beloved constants home, let's take a look at the previous American Idol winners and where they are now.

Season 1: Kelly Clarkson

In the show's first season back in 2002, Kelly Clarkson bagged the top spot with her rendition of "A Moment Like This".

Since her victory, Clarkson has earned three Grammy's, eight studio albums, and a judging stint on NBC's "The Voice", and even having her talk show.

Season 2: Ruben Studdard

In the following 2003 season, it was Birmingham's "Velvet Teddy Bear" that narrowly beat competition favorite Clay Aiken with his rendition of "Flying Without Wings".

Ruben Studdard
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The now 41-year-old crooner has six successful studio albums under his belt. His debut album, "Soulful", sold platinum, followed by the gospel hit album "I Need an Angel". He is also set to perform Luther Vandross hits in May.

Season 3: Fantasia Barrino

Her tear-filled and powerful rendition of "I Believe" has to be one of the most emotional moments in the talent show's 18-season run. Fantasia's subsequent debut album, "Free Yourself", was certified platinum and landed her three Grammy nominations.

Fantasia has become a mainstay of the entertainment industry for the following years - belting out six albums, multiple tours and T.V. appearances, a memoir published in 2005, and a Grammy in 2011. She also did Broadway and released her latest album, "Sketchbook", last year.

Season 4: Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood was hailed Season 4 winner over Bo Bice and has been nothing but stellar in her career tracks. The country superstar has won seven Grammy awards and has been dominating variuos award-giving bodies in her genre. The 37-year-old hyphenate has six studio albums, a fitness apparel line, T.V. credits, and a New York Times' bestselling book.

She released her acclaimed book, "Find Your Path", earlier this month and held a book tour. She was among the artists who paid tribute to the recent death of Kenny Rogers.

Season 5: Taylor Hicks

Hicks bested Katherine McPhee to be the fifth American Idol, making him the oldest Idol at 29, as well as the first Caucasian male winner never having been to the bottom three.

He then released three studio albums and played Teen Angel in Broadway's "Grease". Aside from his music, he currently co-owns a restaurant in his hometown Birmingham, AL.

Season 6: Jordin Sparks

The youngest Idol so far, Jordin Sparks, won the competition at only 17 years old. She went on to release her debut single "Tattoo", which peaked No. 8 on U.S. charts. Sparks also performed at former President Barack Obama's inaugural ball.

Jordin Sparks
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Jordin also appeared in several movies and Broadway productions "In the Heights" and "Waitress." She also had a T.V. special, and a web series focused on baking last 2018.

Season 7: David Cook

Another finale that would go down in American Idol history is the aptly-named "Battle of the Davids". Cook eventually triumphed against the younger David Archuleta back in 2008. His winning piece, "The Time of my Life," peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

He last released an E.P. in 2018, "Chromance." Cook made his Broadway debut in "Kinky Boots" in the same year. He still goes on tours, including the "Race for Hope" in Vienna, VA, set for May this year.

Season 8: Kris Allen

The state of Arkansas took home the bacon as Kris Allen, described by some sources as an upset, won against the better-exposed Adam Lambert (see our list of Idol alumni who didn't win but got famous anyway).

He went on to release studio albums, focusing more on his charity work and forming the band "The Dames" in 2017. For multiple segments of the Queen + Adam Lambert tour, Allen reunited with his Idol co-alumnus as well as the band Queen.

Season 9: Lee DeWyze

DeWyze's rendition of U2's "Beautiful Day," remains his best-performing single to date since his 2009 victory. His debut album topped No. 19 at the Billboards.

He also lent his voice to AMC's hit series "The Walking Dead," with his "Blackbird Song" used in the fourth season. He continues in the music industry, having released "Oil & Water" in 2016 and "Paranoia" in 2018.

Season 10: Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery would earn the same distinction as Jordin Sparks four seasons earlier, also winning at just 17 years old. Since then, McCreery has become a household name in the country music industry. His debut album, "Clear As Day," went platinum. He also released a memoir in 2016, "Go Big or Go Home."

He recently tied the knot with his longtime sweetheart last Summer of 2018. You can glimpse the big day as it was the music video for his single "This Is It."

Scotty McCreery
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Season 11: Philip Philips

As the 2012 edition of American Idol reached its climax, Philip Philips belted out his hit single "Home" and promptly won as the franchise's 11th Idol. This single went on to sell more than five million copies, becoming the best-selling song of all time from American Idol.

He released another stellar studio album, "The World From the Side of the Moon", and two more after it, with the last being released last 2018. He has headlined a tour and co-headlined another with Gavin Degraw in 2018, doing some close to 30 shows.

Season 12: Candice Glover

The third time was the charm for this Beaufort native, auditioning thrice before getting into the live shows. After winning Idol, she released "Music Speaks", which peaked No. 3 on the U.S. R&B chart.

While she has yet to release another studio album, Candice Glover has made several T.V. guestings and appearances, including her 2016 return to the Idol stage with her fellow alumni.

Season 13: Caleb Johnson

You just can't put a good talent down. Caleb Johnson, like Candice before him, also tried thrice before standing at the top of the American Idol, in its 13th season back in 2014.

Johnson is noted for having the quickest-released debut album after winning in the competition, having been recorded for only three weeks. He soon parted ways with his label and has self-released his songs, including the E.P. "Born from Southern Ground."

Season 14: Nick Fradiani

The first winner from the U.S.' Northeast region, Nick Fradiani won in 2015 and released his debut album, "Hurricane," in the following year.

His winning piece, "Beautiful Life," peaked 93 on the charts but gained fame as the song for the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup. After parting with his label, he became an indie artist, releasing an E.P. shortly after.

Season 15: Trent Harmon

This country music artist is Idol's last winner, in its 15th season, before the show left Fox as its parent company. Harmon was soon signed with Big Machine Records, Universal's independent music label.

He released his single "You Got 'Em All" in February 2018, following it up with an album of the same name in May in the same year.

Season 16: Maddie Poppe

After American Idol's two-year hiatus, it found a new home in ABC, where Maddie Poppe bested Caleb Lee Hutchinson - whom she dated afterward - to become the 16th Idol.

She has released two singles after her 2018 victory, "Keep On Movin' On" and "Going, Going, Gone."

Season 17: Laine Hardy

Another stunning upset to go down in Idol history, 18-year-old Laine Hardy won over the frontrunner Alejandro Aranda in the previous season to become the 17th American Idol.

Hardy released his coronation single "Flame" shortly after his win, in May 2019. Later that year, he announced the first tour he will be headlining, taking place from November 14 to December 7 across the States.

Laine Hardy
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