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Melissa Rivers is Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner in Honor of Her Mother in NYC

Off-Key 08:51AM EDT

Melissa Rivers has been working hard to move on from the untimely death of her beloved mother, Joan Rivers, back in September. We now know that the circumstances surrounding the comedienne's death were likely due to mistakes made by the healthcare professionals that she was trusting, and that Melissa has already hired a bulldog law firm to insist on some level of legal accountability. This is one of Melissa's top priorities right now but she also realizes that life must go on so she's going to celebrate Thanksgiving exactly as Joan would have.READ MORE

Cooper Endicott and Melissa Rivers - Getty Images

Melissa Rivers to Sue Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic Over Joan Rivers's Botched Biopsy That Led to Cardiac Arrest

Off-Key 16:05PM EDT

Melissa Rivers deciding to file a malpractice lawsuit against the Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic was probably inevitable, given the facts that have been learned. Joan Rivers was admitted to the facility for a routine endoscopy on her throat and she never regained consciousness after being put under sedation and suffering cardiac arrest. Joan Rivers had never signed off on any paperwork authorizing a biopsy should the doctor's have found anything while she was unconscious, and the fact is that Dr. Gwen Korovin opted to perform one anyway.READ MORE

Joan Rivers - Getty Images (The doctors who operated on Joan Rivers (pictured) are now speaking only through their lawyers.)

Joan Rivers's Doctors Gwen Korovin, Lawrence Cohen Lawyer Up as Investigators Set Out to Determine if Criminal Medical Malpractice Occured

News 10:26AM EDT

Even while Joan Rivers was still comatose in a New York City hospital, her daughter Melissa Rivers was reportedly talking about malpractice being the reason for her condition.READ MORE

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Joan Rivers Personal ENT Doctor Reportedly Took A Selfie Before Attempting An Unauthorized Biopsy At Yorkville Clinic

News 11:22AM EDT

The details keep coming out in connection to Joan Rivers untimely death and the latest report could be absolutely damning in court. We already know that Joan checked into The Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic on Aug. 28th for a routine procedure and while under sedation something obviously went very wrong. According to a new report out, not only did Joan's personal ear, nose and throat specialist decided to attempt to perform an unauthorized biopsy that lead to her cardiac arrest.READ MORE

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Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic Claims They Did Not Perform Biopsy Leading To Joan Rivers Cardiac Arrest

News 11:21AM EDT

Nearly two weeks after Joan Rivers checked into The Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic for a minor procedure the facility is beginning to speak up. Yesterday morning a report surfaced claiming that the doctor who operated on Joan saw something on her vocal cords and proceeded to do a biopsy on it. The report further stated that her vocal cords seized during the biopsy, blocking her airway completely and that this was what likely lead to the comedienne's cardiac arrest. Now the Yorkville Clinic has come out swinging saying that no biopsy was done on Joan.READ MORE

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Joan Rivers Vocal Cords Seized During Unplanned Biopsy Cutting Off Her Airway And Leading To Cardiac Arrest

News 09:41AM EDT

Three days after talking about how Joan Rivers was memorialized in New York City exactly as she had wanted to be when the day finally arrived, we are now starting to learn more details about what led to her truly untimely death. During that routine endoscopic procedure at the Yorkville Clinic on Aug. 28th the doctor who operated on Joan noticed something on her vocal cords and decided to take a biopsy. Biopsies are only to be done in a hospital setting but apparently this doctor decided to chance it and in doing so he caused Joan's vocal cords to seize which then completely cut off her air supply.READ MORE

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