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Black Flag at the House of Blues

Black Flag: One of the First Hardcore Punk Icons

Exclusives 07:51AM EDT

One of the icons of nonconformance in the early 1980s, Black Flag created an imprint in the industry even as it disbanded in 1986. From the rise and fall of it all, take a look at one of the most prolific punk rock bands in history.READ MORE

Donald Trump Votes in New York

A Punk's Musical Guide to the New York Presidential Primary [PLAYLIST]

Buzz 15:20PM EDT

13 classy punk rock tunes to jam with while you're waiting on line to vote in New YorkREAD MORE

Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins, Stephen Colbert Team for "Carol of the Bells" on 'The Late Show' [WATCH]

Buzz 21:52PM EDT

Showing up in a holiday sweater and spreading cheer the rock and roll way, Henry Rollins took to the stage at 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' to perform a shaking version of "Carol of the Bells" alongside the show host for what was called a "Very Rollins Christmas."READ MORE

Black Flag Performing Live in 1982

Three Rare Black Flag Performances Surface on YouTube [WATCH VIDEOS]

Buzz 08:55AM EDT

Three rare videos of Black Flag performances from the early to mid '80s have been floating around the internet thanks to YouTube user anonym0us2112. As Punk News reports, the band's lineup in the videos features Henry Rollins on vocals, Gregg Ginn on guitar, Kira Roessler on bass, and different drummers in each performance.READ MORE

Decline director Penelope Spheeris

'Decline of Western Civilization' Box Set Due Out in June: Collection Features All Three Classic Docs

Buzz 17:03PM EDT

It has been nearly 20 years since the last installment of the Penelope Spheeris trilogy The 'Decline of Western Civilization' hit theaters. Fans of the stunning documentaries will be able to buy all three in June as a box set when they are released, officially, for the first time on Blu-ray and DVD, 'Rolling Stone' reported. Bonus features for the classic docs will include high-res restoration, previously unseen interviews and commentary by Dave Grohl.READ MORE

Dave Grohl

Foo Fighters, Slipknot Supergroup Teenage Time Killers Inks Record Deal, Features Dave Grohl, Corey Taylor and More

Buzz 17:59PM EDT

Dave Grohl and Corey Taylor are the most recent artists to join a supergroup. The Foo Fighters/Slipknot hybrid Teenage Time Killer was created by Corrosion of Conformity's Reed Mullin and also features former Queens of the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri and Lamb of God's Randy Blythe. The group made things super official too, inking a recording deal with Rise Records.READ MORE

Pharrell Williams

Sorry 2014: The Year's 10 Most Memorable Musician Apologies: Pharrell, Nicki Minaj, And More

Buzz 18:08PM EDT

In the Internet era, there are more ways than ever for the mean, stupid things we all do to get out into the public eye, which means that we're constantly flooded with apologies from actors, politicians, musicians, and basically anyone who's famous. There were a ton of big apologies in 2014 from musicians, so here are the 10 most memorable.READ MORE

Greg Ginn

Black Flag Child Abuse: Ron Reyes Accuses Greg Ginn of Crime

Buzz 21:55PM EDT

Black Flag member Greg Ginn was accused of child abuse by his ex-wife, Marina, earlier this year, and now former bandmate Ron Reyes is joining in the fight against Ginn.READ MORE

Greg Ginn

Black Flag's Greg Ginn Accused of Child Abuse By Ex-Wife, Who Says Their Daughters "Live In Constant Fear" Of Their Father

Buzz 17:51PM EDT

Black Flag co-founder Greg Ginn has been accused of child abuse by his ex-wife, who is seeking to remove his access to their daughters. According to court documents, on Oct. 10 Marina Ginn filed a Motion to Modify Parent Child Relationship and a Request for Emergency Hearing on Temporary Orders in Williamson County, Texas District Court, Consequence of Sound reports.READ MORE

Henry Rollins

Highest Net Worth Punk Performers: John Lydon, Henry Rollins and Ian MacKaye Are Worth More Than You Would Think

Genres 15:56PM EDT

One genre is routinely left out of Forbes' investigations of who makes the most money in music: punk!READ MORE

Bruce Springsteen

8 Songs About Working (Or Hating Your Job): Bruce Springsteen, Oasis, And More

Exclusives 11:37AM EDT

If there's one thing that most rock fans can relate to, it's despising your job (or in some cases, not even having a job). In celebration of Labor Day tomorrow, here are eight songs about how tough and irritating most jobs can be.READ MORE


10 Indie/Alt-Rock Musicians Who Have Acted: Jack White, Björk, And More

Exclusives 21:35PM EDT

Though plenty of pop and (especially) hip-hop stars have dabbled in acting, they're not the only musicians who have second careers as thespians. Here are ten indie rock/alternative rock musicians who have acted in films and television.READ MORE

Nick Drake

8 Music Biopics We'd Love To See: David Bowie, Nick Drake, And More

Exclusives 16:17PM EDT

With the recent news of biopics about N.W.A. and Aaliyah, I started thinking about some musicians whose lives I'd like to see dramatized in a film. Here are eight musical biopics that I'd love to see.READ MORE

Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath

5 Singers With Little (Or No) Experience With Instruments: Morrissey, Ozzy Osbourne, and more

Exclusives 14:38PM EDT

If someone wants to become a musician, the very first step most people take is learning an instrument. However, these five singers found incredible fame and success, despite the fact that they have very little experience (or in some cases, no experience at all) playing a musical instrument.READ MORE

Ian MacKaye & Henry Rollins

6 Pairs of Artists Who Were Childhood Friends: Daft Punk & Phoenix, Ian MacKaye & Henry Rollins, and more

Exclusives 22:41PM EDT

Musicians often become friends through their professional lives, whether they're recording together or playing together, but some famous musicians were actually friends back before they ever became famous. Here are six pairs of artists who were childhood friends.READ MORE

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