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The Cure Plays 40th Anniversary Show At London’s Hyde Park

Genres 07:22AM EDT

The Cure celebrated its 40th anniversary at London's Hyde Park by singing some of its hit songs. Robert Smith also expressed his happiness over the band's milestone.READ MORE

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The Cure Announce 2016 North American Tour Dates With Support from the Twilight Sad

Buzz 10:31AM EDT

The Cure, who recently announced that they would head out on a North American tour next year, have now announced the full schedule of dates with support, which will include 3 nights at Los Angeles' Hollywood Bowl and 3 nights at New York City's Madison Square Garden.READ MORE

Black Sabbath Vol. 4 (1972)

14 Album Covers Featuring Just The Lead Singer: The Cure, Black Sabbath And More

Exclusives 21:38PM EDT

The lead singer of a rock band typically gets more attention than any other member, whether it's warranted or not. Many bands take advantage of this dynamic and release albums that feature just the lead singer on the cover, and no other member. Here are some album covers featuring just the lead singer.READ MORE

Robert Smith of The Cure

6 Musicians Who Became Side Members in Other Bands: Robert Smith, David Bowie and more

Exclusives 15:29PM EDT

Once an artist is established as the primary force in a successful band, it's pretty rare to see them join another band as a sort of background figure, but these six artists did exactly that. Here are six artists who became sidemen in other bands.READ MORE

6 Classic Albums That Deserve Documentaries: Weezer, the Strokes and more

Exclusives 20:18PM EDT

Some of my favorite types of films to watch are music documentaries, and with the premiere of Time is Illmatic, a film about the classic Nas LP Illmatic (in my opinion, the greatest rap album ever made), I started thinking about what other incredible albums deserve to have their stories told. Here are six classic album documentaries I’d like to see.READ MORE

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6 Pairs of Rival Artists That Would Make Great Music Together: Robert Smith & Morrissey, The Flaming Lips & Arcade Fire and more

Exclusives 16:57PM EDT

When Blur’s Damon Albarn revealed that he and Oasis’s Noel Gallagher had been talking about possibly recording together, we here at Music Times didn’t quite believe it was true. The two are notorious rivals, so working with one another seems like the last thing either one of them would want to do. This got me thinking about other artists who would never collaborate, but would probably make great work together if they did.READ MORE

Robert Smith clarifies statements about the Cure's '4:13 Dream', '4:14 Scream' releases, says three new albums are in the works

Genres 11:03AM EDT

Yesterday we reported that the Cure's Robert Smith wasn't too enthusiastic about the release of 4:14 Scream, the companion to 2008's 4:13 Dream. He called the project "a bit of a sore point" considering the band's lineup has shifted since 2008. Rather than rehash old material, he'd rather focus on new music with the current members. Now, Smith has posted a statement to the band's official website, clarifying his earlier remarks and revealing that three new releases are actually in the works.READ MORE

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