After Nelly, 7 Artists In Debt You Can Help By Streaming Their Music

By Ryan Middleton | Sep 15, 2016 06:06 PM EDT

News broke this week that Nelly had been hit with a hefty $2,412,283 tax lien for unpaid dues to the IRS. Once fans got wind of this, they started the #hotinherestreamparty hashtag, which started trending on Twitter. It was an attempt to get everyone to stream Nelly's hit "Hot In Herre" so he could pay off his debts. No mind he would need the song streamed over 400,000,000 times, but it is a powerful call to action. However while we are all in the giving mood, there are a few other musicians who are going through some tough times with the tax man or otherwise, so here are seven songs you all should stream so help them out.

1. MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This:

Despite making a boatload of cash during his heyday, MC Hammer keeps on getting hit with more tax bills. At the end of last year, a court reportedly told Hammer he had to pay nearly $1 million in taxes to the government. He had just finished paying outstanding creditors, so he may need more cash. Stream "U Can't Touch This" below.

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2. Ms. Lauryn Hill - Doo-Wop (That Thing):

Ms. Lauryn Hill has been the most public about her struggle with debt. A report on June 30 showed that she still owed $438,211 and there was another potentially unrelated 2012 tax lien from New Jersey. It has taken a toll on her so she could use the help with that thing.

3. Mary J Blige - Not Gon' Cry:

Mary J Blige was just hit with a respectable $166,292.77 tax lien by the New Jersey government. She previously tangled with them in 2013 for nearly $1 million, but it appears they are back. She is still putting out music and active, so there should be money coming in, but help her out with this bill and stream "Not Gon' Cry," so she doesn't have to.

4. T.I. - Rubber Band Man:

T.I. reportedly owed the IRS over $6 million in February. It is hard to know if all of these debts are paid off or are in the process of being paid off, but with that type of sum, it is hard to imagine he had that money lying around without the need to sell off assets or some help from his fans now. So go out and stream "Rubber Band Man" so he can get a few more.

5. Ja Rule - Always On Time:

Ja Rule went to jail for tax evasion and got out in 2013. He agreed to work to pay off his more than $3 million debt. It may be paid off, but he could still on a payment plan to clear his debts. Help out Ja so he can always be on time.

6. Lil Wayne - A Milli:

Lil Wayne has had a tough 18 months financially. His constant battle against Birdman and Cash Money Records is bleeding his finances. He has had to sell his house. Various lawyers and companies are suing him over unpaid debts. For a man who has delivered on so many hits, give the man some spins on "A Milli."

7. R Kelly - Ignition (Remix):

R Kelly's tax debts are pretty legendary at this point. He owed the IRS up to $6 million at one point, but there are reports he still owes some new back taxes. The man just cant get his finances together, but maybe you can help get him out of his trap. Go stream his music.

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