Chris Brown and Lil Wayne Allegedly Under Investigation for Drugs

| Apr 10, 2017 11:32 AM EDT

Chris Brown and Lil Wayne are allegedly under investigation for drugs due to their connection with Florida producer Harrison Garcia, also known as Muhammad-al-Lean, also known as the CEO of Sizzurp. The investigation is federal and involves an enormous amount of narcotics, including marijuana and lean.

The Miami Herald reports that a Florida courtroom viewed federal agents testifying about text messages between Garcia and his drug associates that reportedly mention rapper Wayne by name. Another text message shows a screenshot of a bank deposit worth $15,000 into his bank account from Brown.

Allegedly, the messages showed Garcia directing one of his henchmen to deliver drugs to Wayne and his posse. One message read, “I’ll shoot u some trees,” which is a marijuana reference. “It’s for Wayne,” Garcia answered.

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The text message concerning Brown was far more incriminating and was sent to a women Garcia knew. The screenshot showed a $15,000 deposit from someone named “Christopher Brown” into his account, and Garcia wrote “Look who put money in my account” underneath.

The woman reportedly asked Garcia “What that for LOL,” to which he answered with smiley face emojis as well as “Drugs … lean and sh*t.”

Garcia was certainly not discreet about his activities and was often posting exotic cars, guns, and extravagant sneakers on his social media accounts. He also posted photos with both the R&B singer and the rapper, but his accounts have since been made private.

This is not the first time he has been in the headlines, and was arrested last year for being behind the theft of large amounts of codeine based cough syrup for lean. TMZ also released a report around this time that Wayne had been having seizures due to his addiction to the drug.

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