Miley Cyrus Embraces Her Past In Newly-Released Music Video of 'Younger Now': Watch It Here

By Emily Joy Custodio | Aug 20, 2017 11:35 AM EDT

Miley Cyrus knows how to appreciate and honor her elders as shown in her newest music video for "Younger Now", the title track for her upcoming album. The message of the song is perfectly interpreted by Cyrus on her music video, as she shows her flexibility to change. As the song implies, change is something that happens every time, which is why one should know how to embrace change and live with it.

She is known to be an example of an ever-changing individual, from her looks to her music style and although it has shocked a lot, Cyrus seems to be just going with the flow of the changes in her life.

The album titled "Younger Now" will be her sixth album which is set to release on September 29. In a report from EW, the cover art of the album has a retro style on it with Miley Cyrus dressed like Elvis Presley, as the music video of "Younger Now" in itself gives homage to the late King of Rock and Roll. The 50's inspired music video was directed by Diamond Martel and co-directed by Cyrus herself, while the choreography was done by Michael Rooney.

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The music video which has already an accumulated viewership of more than 500,000 on YouTube after an hour it was released shows the Miley Cyrus as she embraces her past by her representation of the doll, E! Online reports. While she changes from one outfit to another, Cyrus gives a better interpretation of what change is and how the generation now should know and appreciate the past. It is a clear picture of how one should know how to look back despite being different from now than before.

Other details of her upcoming album were also revealed such as the tracks that were included and how the album is currently available for pre-order online.

The 11 new tracks in the album "Younger Now" are:

1. "Younger Now"

2. "Malibu"

3. "Rainbowland" (ft. Dolly Parton)

4. "Week Without You"

5. "Miss You so Much"

6. "I Would Die for You"

7. "Thinkin'"

8. "Bad Mood"

9. "Love Someone"

10. "She's Not Him"

11. "Inspired"

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