If you have ever been hungry and ready to mosh at the same time, Mac Sabbath might be your new favorite band. The quartet dresses like characters from McDonald's and performs parodies of Black Sabbath songs. These guys were either bored or hungry when they came up with this idea, but we are glad they did.

The band takes heavy metal classics like "Iron Man" and "Paranoid" and changes them into "Frying Pan" and "Pair-a-buns," MTV News notes.

"I once burned your meal / My old job was cooking veal / Now it's a culinary crime / All our future is pink slime," the Ronald Osbourne frontman sings.

Demented versions of Grimace (Grimalice), Hamburglar (Catburglar) and Mayor McCheese (Slayer McCheese) all play in the group as well.

The band's Facebook page lists their brand of music as "Drive Thru Metal." They even have a little bit of a Gwar storyline, according to the bio:

Mac Sabbath has been a truly underground entity for sometime [sic] now playing secret shows only in locations I am not allowed to mention. I have recently convinced Ronald Osbourne and the gang to come out of hiding and play some above ground shows and allow me to bring them into the light personally through facebook for starters. As their manager I have agreed to a no photo or video policy at shows as Ronald insists that they have traveled here through a very delicate part of the time space continuum and that this will damage society as we know it. I am working on how to get around that. But no cell phone use is permitted and will be punished in a non negotiable manor. If anyone is interested in letting me book this project in a legitimate venue let me know. Keep in mind, since this will be the first (and possibly only) above ground show for "Mac Sabbath" in the US, the money and circumstances will have to be right.

Wow. I would love to see how this guy explains his job on a résumé. Check out Mac Sabbath on "Frying Pan" below.

And in case you did not know, Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin fronts a band called The Pizza Underground, a parody of The Velvet Underground. That could be one delicious tour. I hear Bobby Knight Ranger is available to open.