June 26, 2019 / 3:02 PM

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Review: Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper get real 'Confident' in new Music Mondays single [LISTEN]



Justin Bieber's Music Mondays series has come to a close (kind of). The last of the 10 individual singles, "Confident," was released at the strike of midnight on Dec 9. Smartly, Bieber ended things on a very high note with this instantly gratifying track, featuring up-and-coming MC Chance the Rapper.

"Confident" begins with an infectious beat that makes some smooth grind dancing inevitable. Claps highlight the computerized drumbeats that help to move the song forward while encouraging girls to move their booties.

As for the singing itself, Bieber maintains control of his voice for the most part in "Confident," smartly staying in his lower register and thus, sounding more like a growing popstar and less like the "Baby" singer of days gone by. He can't resist that upper register, though, but he doesn't reach for the notes too hard and manages to sound like an actual adult.

As for Chance the Rapper, the Chicagoan manages to mix his smooth style in with Bieber's own crooning. It's a big break for the rising rapper and he manages to pull his verse off without a hitch. Starting as relaxed as can be, Chance the Rapper soon explodes into a ball of emotion as he and Bieber exchange about falling for the most confident girl in the room.

Though Bieber has five more tracks coming out next week as a part of his journals project, the singles portion of Music Mondays ends with one of Bieber's best offerings to date.

Listen to "Confident" by Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper below.

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