July 16, 2018 / 9:59 PM

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Zayn Malik Recording with The Vamps? New Photo Evidence Says 'Yes'...Ex-One Directioner Seen in Studio


New rumors have emerged in the future of Zayn Malik and they involve him recording with a certain boy band...and it's not One Direction. New photos suggest that the recently-solo vocalist was at a rehearsal with fellow Brit pop group The Vamps.

Before you begin getting heart palpitations: Malik isn't recording with The Vamps nor was he even at the session. It was all a prank devised by the band's manager, Joe O'Neill, to mess with the hearts and minds of Directioners (and...Vampers?) everywhere, despite it being several days post April Fools. O'Neill, a looker himself, seems to have mussed up his hair underneath of a baseball cap to get the desired effect as he sits behind a laptop.

Naturally, like the good internet news readers that they are, the world collectively freaked out without zooming in a bit to notice that it obviously wasn't Malik. MTV offered a selection of embedded tweets from fans, probably ignoring those that contained obscenity. Multiple examples featured the phrase "omg," the digit one hidden among exclamation points (as a result of losing grip on the shift key), and several Twitter handles that claimed to be actual members of One Direction.

O'Neill possibly realized the potentially destructive consequences of his actions and called himself out on the bluff later.

The possibility, we admit, seemed real enough. The Vamps obviously aren't as hyped in the States as their pals at One Direction, and they offer a different vibe as well because the members more frequently play their own instruments onstage, providing for a situation possibly where Zayn joins as a "frontman" for a five-piece. But it ain't happening. He's feeling the sting already after thousands, including Louis Tomlinson, lashed out against producer Naughty Boy for revealing a supposed Malik solo track during the turmoil last week.

Meanwhile, check out our interview with a totally different set of Vamps.


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