50 Cent may have gotten off easy from a big boxing/gambling debt as he instead delivered a guest verse for Lil Boosie, versus paying the million dollars he owed Webbie (from HipHopDX).

The background is as such: 50, a noted boxing fan, apparently made a bet with Baton Rouge-based rapper Webbie about the lightweight world title fight that occurred last June. The latter emcee was pulling for realistic underdog Terrence Crawford, who was going up against Yuriokis Gamboa in the latter fighter's hometown of Omaha, NE. The value of the bet was a million dollars and Webbie had to be glad that Crawford managed to pull off the victory: That million would have been more than 40 percent of his wealth, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

You would think that 50 Cent, one of the highest earners in hip-hop thanks to smart investments, wouldn't be as worried about writing the check. However he apparently took too long to get the money to Webbie, who called out 50 in a diss track.

"I told you b*tch, 50 / You owe me a million, don't make me come get it / I'm telling you I'm serious," he rapped.

Several months later, Webbie and Fitty have finally come to an agreement it seems. The Louisiana rapper told TMZ that he got his debtor to perform a guest verse for Lil Boosie, who is also on the Trill Entertainment label.

"I told him we dont need no money man, we need some verses, get on my boy song," he told the paparazzi extraordinaires.

Hopefully 50 Cent realizes that he got off easy here. There's no way that one guest verse equates to a million bucks, especially at this point in the rapper's career. Hopefully Boosie and Webbie can get a music video appearance out of the Queens emcee as well.