July 15, 2018 / 6:54 PM

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Jewel Talks Dolly Parton, Divorce From Ty Murray and New Album 'Picking Up The Pieces'



On the heels of her new album, Picking Up the Pieces, which released last month (Sept. 11), renowned country and folk singer Jewel decided to speak on her divorce from rodeo star, Ty Murray, and her latest collaboration with country diva, Dolly Parton. Intriguingly, Picking Up the Pieces is seemingly connected to her famous 1995 debut album, Pieces Of You, and 20 years later, the singer-songwriter has come full circle.

"It was almost like my 18 year-old self was able to tap myself on the shoulder and say, 'You need to be brave in this way again; you need to be courageous in this way again; this is where you got dull and covered up, and domesticated," the singer said to Rolling Stone Country while talking about the emotional and creative process behind the new album.

Pieces Of You included such fan favorites as "Foolish Games" and "You Were Meant For Me," which put Jewel on the map as a singer-songwriter in the music industry, and Jewel further reflected on these achievements to the magazine, saying,"This album was also my 40 year-old self talking to my 18 year-old self and saying, 'These are the things we're going to keep.' It was very healing. Almost like time travel in a way. Some songs I wrote ahead of my experience."

As widely reported in the press, Jewel and her husband of six years, Ty Murray, were divorced in July of 2014 but famously had a "loving" split, as reported in People Magazine for the benefit of their young son, Kase. While many suspect that songs on Picking Up the Pieces are about the split, Jewel asserted the complete opposite and said, "And I'm not talking about marriage. I'm talking about your soul, your passion, your fire," on her inspirations for the new album.

But there was a silver lining to the divorce, and that was the opportunity for Jewel to perform a duet with Parton, which marked a milestone in her career. "My Father's Daughter," was released as a single from the new album and goes way back to a childhood where Dolly Parton was a major influence and idol.

"When you grow up as a girl on a homestead with an outhouse, you don't have many heroes in the public eye," Jewel recently said to Time magazine. "Dolly and Loretta Lynn were them, because they had outhouses and a similar lifestyle to me."

In addition to her Dolly Parton duet, Taste Of Country also reported that Jewel has been spending time in the studio with country singer-songwriter Kip Moore, but it has yet to be announced what exactly they're working on.

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