June 20, 2018 / 5:43 AM

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Chief Keef, Dr. Dre, Lil Wayne Most Profane Lyricists While Country Music is SFW



It's no secret that rap is a profane genre of music, but which artist has the dirtiest mouth of all? According to a new study, the foulest emcees in the game are none other than Chief Keef and Lil Wayne.

According to a study by musicxmatch, Chief Keef swears every 20th word, on average, and he has over 960 curse words in his catalogue. Keef's favorite cusses? B*tch, sh*t and n*gga.

Though Keef tallied up an impressive repertoire of bad words, he doesn't have the most curses - that honor would go to the prolific Lil Wayne. In his lengthy catalogue, Weezy has 3960 uses of profanity. Though with 210 released tracks, his frequency is 1 in 31.

Other dirty-mouthed rappers include the expected. Dr. Dre (1/21), N.W.A. (1/22), A$AP Rocky (1/23) and Young Thug (1/25) also made the frequent-cursers list.

And while rap may be the dirtiest genre of music, it's not like only rappers cuss in their work. Unsurprisingly, heavy metal is also a filthy genre, with Korn leading the pack with 946 career profanities and 1 or 44 words being NSFW. Other Slipknot and Children of Bodom are also dirty boys with 1/84 and 1/103 words being curses, respectively.

Other profane acts include Diplo (1 of every 14 words is a curse, though his sample size is a small 11 songs), Green Day (1/157), Red Hot Chili Peppers (1/187) and Deadmau5 (1/99).

If you're looking for some family-friendly music, you may want to turn to country radio or folk. Counting "sex" and "bum" a curse words, Loudon Wainwright III is the most-profane folk singer with 1 of every 572 words being a bad one. Justin Moore leads bad country words with 1 in 461 curses, his favorite being ass.

[h/t Billboard]

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