After waiting for what feels like forever - Rihanna's ANTI is finally right around the corner. And leading up to R8's imminent release, on Wednesday (Jan. 27), Rihanna teamed up with Drake for the release of her new single "Work", and it may just be the banger she needs to redeem her career.

Rihanna and Drake have created magic before, so is "Work" the single that could dig ANTI out of limbo?

The beat behind the single is very on-trend for 2016, bringing in cool, middling tones like a slightly less intense "Truffle Butter." Gone are the experimental acoustic chords of "FourFiveSeconds" and the abrasive gunshots and barking of "B*tch Better Have My Money." Instead, "Work" is Rihanna at her most relaxed and comfortable, as she blends in poppy R&B with her mild patois. It's distinctively Rihanna - a little too cool for you. But, it's effectively infectious and a massive improvement from her 2015 output.

Lyrically, Rihanna and Drake revisit that strained love theme that has done so well for him in the past. Though the relaxed vibe of the song makes the theme of long distance love and get a little bit muddled. But that won't matter much when you're bumping to this song in your car. And let's be real, that's what "Work" is really for.

Listen to work on TIDAL now.

"Work" is the lead single from Rihanna's new album ANTI. Though her eighth studio album has been the subject of multiple possible release dates, delays and rewrites, Billboard reports that its release is nigh. According to their industry sources, ANTI is due for release by Friday (Jan. 29), and seeing how it is already Wednesday, the Rihanna Navy had better be on high alert.

Rihanna does, in fact, seem to be gearing up for the release or her record. Earlier this week, she posed for a selfie while listening to ANTI on $9000 headphones, indicating that the album was finally completed.

ANTI is Rihanna's first new album in over three years. Her last LP, Unapologetic, dropped in November 2012.

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