June 20, 2018 / 5:30 AM

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Rihanna Drops Cover of Tame Impala's "New Person, Same Old Mistakes" on 'Anti'



Fans have been impatiently awaiting the release of Rihanna's Anti, with a tip it would drop before Friday. TIDAL kept good on that promise when the streaming service accidentally leaked the entire album after sharing Anti's Drake collaboration, "Work." As part of the singer's eighth studio album, the Barbados native included a cover of Tame Impala's "New Person, Same Old Mistakes."

For those who are a bit confused-that's okay. Rihanna doesn't exactly scream psychedelic rock, but her cover, titled "Same Ol' Mistakes," shows listeners that she can nail airy vocals paired with a groovy beat almost as well as Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker can. The track comes from the Australian outfit's Grammy-nominated LP, Currents, following their debut album Innerspeaker and sophomore follow-up, Lonerism. Rihanna has dabbled across a sea of genres such as EDM, pop and R&B, and is now adding psychedelic to the mix with an impressive cover choice.

The original track closes out Tame Impala's extremely relatable third studio album and doubles as Parker's way of combatting any negative criticisms of the group's decision to deliver a more electronic LP.  "It's actually telling someone, 'I know what you think I'm doing is fake,'" Parker told Stereogum in July. "I know you think it's like a sellout move. You think that this isn't real, but hey, you know what? Maybe I like fake."

After eight months of radio silence, the "B*tch Better Have My Money" singer released "Work," quickly drawing a line between fans and critics. Anti was allegedly supposed to follow a day or two later, but TIDAL, which Rihanna owns three percent of, mistakenly leaked the album's 13-song tracklist along with the actual music. After a few minutes, it was obvious there was no turning back and that a full leak occurred.

The cover track, along with Anti can be streamed on TIDAL.

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