On Thursday evening Afropunk and Jose Cuervo celebrated Cinco De Mayo at Villain in Williamsburg with a collection of different musical acts. The main act was SZA who is prepping a new album for release some time soon and coming off of big collaborations with Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar in 2016.

The space was decked out with bars and lighting to set the mood as the venue eventually filled to capacity by about 10:00 p.m. A line snaked down the block and around the corner two-fold, unfortunately for those at the back of the line organizers kept the room from getting too crowded and left many outside, though it did make for a better experience inside.

After opening sets from DJ Liindsey and DJ Kitty Kash, SZA came on to perform, albeit about 20 minutes late, not that anybody really cared since it was more time to enjoy free booze. She came right out of the gate with her verse from Rihanna's "Consideration."

After a 45-minute set where she tested out new songs from her upcoming album some classics that elicited plenty of sing-a-long moments by the willing crowd, SZA made way for the next DJ.

Fans at home also had the opportunity to live stream the event, but they didn't have gallons upon gallons of free tequila at their disposal.

The whole thing was themed after #CuervoNoChaser, but all of the tequila drinks had chasers until the end of the night when they can out and were serving up just the last dregs of tonic water. Though everyone had collectively consumed hundreds of bottles of booze by that point, so it didn't matter what was put in the drinks.


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