May 24, 2018 / 8:01 AM

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Sorry Not Sorry: Demi Lovato Doesn’t Care About Haters, Says ‘I’ve Taken Away The Power’



Demi Lovato took the opportunity as a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to take aim at online haters who targeted her over swimsuit photos.

Body Confident

The star, who's always been a vocal proponent of body positivity, has recently begun sharing more photos on her social media accounts in swimwear, much to the delight of fans who see her as a role model.

However, there has also been a certain degree of pushback from corners of the internet who feel ladies who look like Lovato need to cover it up. Naturally, any woman posting such material online will come under fire, but someone with as much pull as Lovato is sure to be deluged with negative comments.

Luckily, for the "Confident" singer (the name is in the title), she doesn't care what the haters have to say anymore. Lovato, who has struggled with eating disorders in the past and put herself on display in the warts-and-all YouTube documentary Simply Complicated last year, has finally learned to love her curves no matter what anybody else has to say — including the voice in her head.

She appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss her newfound self-appreciation and the steps she's taken to get to this point.

"I've been working on myself for the past year, more so than I've ever worked on myself. I've really surrendered to the process of just learning to love yourself, and I feel like it shows through my pictures," she told Ellen.

Lovato also explained that she's been posting more photos in bathing suits to show her often very young and impressionable fans that they should aim for this level of self-love too.

Take Back The Power

As for whether she pays any attention to the negative feedback to such "scandalous" photos, Lovato didn't mince words, telling Ellen she's "taken away the power" from negative commenters by simply not listening or caring what they have to say.

Lovato told Ellen that these anonymous people must be "kind of sad" to post negative comments on her photos rather than focusing on their own lives.

One particular photo, posted to Lovato's Instagram account on Jan. 4, took some guts to post. As the singer admits in the caption she was a little insecure about the shot but posted it regardless because of how happy she looks in it.

The photo has accumulated 3.3 million likes and counting, so the good surely outweighs the bad at this point.

Lovato also took part in an entertaining game of "Who'd You Rather" while on with Ellen before performing a rendition of "Tell Me You Love Me."

She's currently on tour with DJ Khaled.

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