In a series of explicit tweets, Ja Rule reminded the world about the feud between him and 50 Cent which started with a stabbing incident.

The conflict between the two rappers has gone on for around two decades and apparently, the fireworks are not over. However, the feud seems to be one-sided now.

The famous beef between the two hip-hop stars made its way to social media once again. In a tweer, Ja Rule referred to 50 Cent as "#ticklebooty." He also made fun of the latter's newly released film Den of Thieves.

The "Holla Holla" rapper's tirade began with a trivia. In succeeding tweets, Ja Rule used a bunch of expletives as he launched a vicious an attack on 50 Cent.

Check out the rest of the tweets in the Ja Rule and 50 Cent saga below.

Reports reveal that the bad blood between the two rappers started back in 2000 when 50 Cent claimed people close to Ja Rule stabbed him. The rapper named the founder of the Murder Inc. record company, Irv "Gotti" Lorenzo, Ja Rule's brother, Christopher, and another Murder Inc. rapper, Ramel "Black Child" Gill, as his assailants. Gill eventually confessed his guilt over the stabbing incident.

The Business Side Of The Feud

As many fans remember, the height of their feud was during 50 Cent's rising popularity in mainstream circles and Ja Rule's waning fame and relevance in the industry. Due to the timing, Ja Rule faced criticism for being bitter of 50 Cent's success.

Uproxx quoted an interview in 2010 where Ja Rule defended himself. The rapper cited that the music industry's circumstances affected his success and jealousy is not the reason behind his jabs at 50 Cent.

At that time, rap became mainstream and gained more attention. However, the commercial success of the music industry, as a whole, declined due to piracy.

Over the decades, Ja Rule's downward spiral continued, and among the reasons might have been fan fatigue at his pop-oriented approach to hip-hop and the drug-related scandal leading to the closure of Murder Inc. Ja Rule is still involved with the music industry, but he never regained his former fame and commercial success.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent found a way to bounce back after the dwindling commercial success of the rap industry. The rapper rode the wave of his past musical success to engage in successful business ventures and to enter the television and film industry which bolstered his fame in the entertainment industry.