May 26, 2018 / 7:36 AM

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Julian Casablancas Broods In New The Voidz Song ‘Pointlessness’



Ahead of the release of Virtue, Julian Casablancas, and The Voidz previewed a new song from the band's second studio album.

Called "Pointlessness," the track follows previous releases "Leave It In My Dreams" and "QYURRYUS."

In the signature sound of The Voidz, "Pointlessness" opens with a futuristic-sounding symphony of synths that accompanies Casablancas's brooding questioning: "Why does it matter?"

Earlier this year, The Voidz also released a music video for the equally impressive and experimental song "QYURRYUS." The video is directed by Casablancas.

Virtue is the band's (formerly Julian Casablancas + The Voidz) new album in four years. Their debut album Tyranny came out in 2014.

The new album was recorded in a studio in Los Angeles with the help of Grammy Award-winning music producer Shawn Everett. The Canadian sound engineer also worked with bands The War On Drugs, Weezer, and Alabama Shakes.

"Our goal was to make a record that a wider audience would enjoy as much as we enjoyed the first album, Tyranny," Casablancas explained. " Still a swirl of different styles, but I think this might the most eclectic record I've ever been a part of. There's a song on there for everyone."

The band announced the new album last December with a retro trailer which featured a number of 80s movies references. Warren Fu, who previously worked with The Killers and The Weeknd, directed the video. Fu also worked with The Voidz in the music video for "Human Sadness," a track from Tyranny.

Virtue will be released by RCA and Casablancas's own record label Cult Records. Fans can preorder the album from iTunes, Amazon, and Newbury Comics. It will officially be available for purchase starting March 30.

The Voidz are scheduled to play at the upcoming Fortress Fest music festival in Fort Worth, Texas and at Shaky Knees in Atlanta. A tour is also expected to be announced as soon as the album comes out.

Casablancas also stated last month that he might reunite with Albert Hammond Jr., Nikolai Fraiture, Nick Valensi, and Fabrizio Moretti to work on a new album as The Strokes in 2019.

Track List From 'Virtue'

1. "Leave It In My Dreams"


3. "Pyramid of Bones"

4. "Permanent High School"

5. "AlieNNatioN"

6. "One of the Ones"

7. "All Wordz Are Made Up"

8. "Think Before You Drink"

9. "Wink"

10. "My Friend the Walls"

11. "Pink Ocean"

12. "Black Hole"

13. "Lazy Boy"

14. "We're Where We Were"

15. "Pointlessness"





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