The Flaming Lips just added tour dates on the West Coast. The second leg of their tour will kick off on May 31 in Jackson, Wyoming.

Flaming Lips' first show in the West Coast will take place at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts. It will be followed by a show at the McDonald Theater in Eugene, Oregon on June 2, Upstream Music Fest + Summit in Seattle, Washington on June 3, Kettlehouse Amphitheater in Bonner, Montana on June 4, and more.

Last month, the Flaming Lips announced the first leg of its tour in the United States with Mac DeMarco. The band has seven scheduled performances in March starting off on March 3 and wrapping up on March 11.

More About The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips is an American rock band formed in 1983 in Oklahoma City. The band is made up of Wayne Coyne, Steven Drozd, Michael Ivins, Jake Ingalls, Derek Brown, Matt Duckworth, Nick Ley, Ronald Jones, Richard English, Jonathan Donahue, and more.

Prior to signing with Warner Brothers, the band released EPs on the Indie label Restless. In 1992, the Flaming Lips dropped its first record Hit to Death in the Future Head with Warner Brothers. In 1999, the band released The Soft Bulletin.

Other albums by Flaming Lips include At War With Mystics, The Terror, Zaireeka, Embryonic, Clouds Taste Metallic, Hear It Is, and With a Little Help from My Fwends. Some of the band's most famous songs are "She Don't Use Jelly," "Race for the Prize," "This Here Giraffe," "There Should Be Unicorns," "Bad Days," and "Feeling Yourself Disintegrate."

Wayne Coyne's Interview

Earlier this year, Coyne, the founder of the band, opened up about the Flaming Lips and said that he does not mind when people describe them as a whimsical group.

"I take that as a great compliment... Whimsical to me, has character to it. Like Charles Dickens or Alice in Wonderland. There's a sense that it is a fantasy, but it's rooted in childlike desire. The best stuff we've done has whimsicalness about it, for sure. The boring stuff, I don't think does," said Coyne.

Coyne also dished on the deaths of several singers in the past couple of years and said that David Bowie's demise was the one that affected the band the most.

The bass guitarist said that they reached out to Bowie in the last five years and invited him to watch their shows. However, the late singer was always not feeling well.