Country music superstar Carrie Underwood has revealed half of her face on social media. This is the first photo she posted since her accident in 2017.

An Instagram Surprise

Billboard revealed that the American Idol champion is ready to begin a new chapter in her career. She posted on Instagram on Wednesday, April 4, a black and white candid photograph showcasing Underwood in a recording studio as she is concentrating on a new venture. In the photo, Underwood can be seen wearing a ripped hooded sweatshirt and with her hair in a bun.

Most of her 7 million Instagram fans posted positive remarks regarding her appearance and stated how excited they were about seeing her back in the recording studio. Some fans believed that she was in the first stages of recording her sixth studio album, while others left behind various emojis.

A Birthday Blast From The Past

Underwood’s husband, ice hockey player and Nashville Predators center Mike Fisher, gave his wife a fun social media shoutout for her 35th birthday. Fisher posted a photo of Underwood performing on the television show that made her a household name. While he joked about her hair, Fisher revealed how proud he was of her and how much the “Two Black Cadillacs” singer was a blessing to him and their son, Isaiah Michael Fisher.

A Powerful Selfie

On Feb. 23, Underwood and Fisher posed together for the first time since her accident. She uploaded a black and white filtered photo that featured a giant red X covering her mouth, while Fisher adorned a smaller red X that supported the End It Movement. The End It Movement's goal is to help the world shine a light on modern-day slavery.

Honoring A Hometown Hero

Underwood donated $10,000 to a GoFundMe campaign that hit her hometown of Checotah, Oklahoma. The "Cupid's Got A Shotgun" singer lent a hand when she learned that her childhood friend and the town's assistant police chief, Justin Durrett, broke his neck on the way to work. Underwood donated under her married name.

Recapping The Accident

In January, Underwood revealed to her fans that she suffered a freak accident and that the accident not only injured her wrist but also hurt her face. She added that the doctors who worked on her told her husband that they had to put 40 to 50 stitches on her face. Underwood also forewarned her fans that the next time that see her, she might not look the same.