January 23, 2019 / 8:19 PM

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Rapper Dr. Dre Loses Trademark Dispute Against Gynecologist Dr. Drai



The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has dismissed the case filed by Andre Young, the legendary rapper known as Dr. Dre, against gynecologist and media personality Dr. Drai.

Last week, the federal agency released the ruling that sides with Dr. Drai, whose real name is Draion M. Burch, in a legal battle that began back in 2015. According to the federal office, the 53-year-old has failed to provide enough evidence to support his claim that the shared name has created confusion among fans and potential clients.

Dr. Drai Lives On

Many probably know Dr. Dre who has worked with Eminem and is credited for the careers of Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent.

Dr. Drai, on the other hand, has also been making a name for himself in the medical field. He has written several books, including 20 Things You May Not Know About The Vagina and hosted sex education seminars for teens and adults. He is also touted as one of America's top women's health experts.

According to The Washington Post, the legal battle between the two "doctors" started way back in 2015 when Burch tried to trademark "Dr. Drai" and "Dr. Drai OBGYN and Media Personality." The gynecologist wanted to use his name to expand his empire and brand audio books, seminars, and other merchandise.

However, Dr. Dre, who has a line of earphones, feared that this trademark will have an adverse effect on his own business. In the document released by the USPTO, he claims that his name is "sufficiently related" to the products and services that his namesake wanted to wade into.

Young, therefore, sent a cease and desist letter to Burch who explained that he uses Dr. Drai not to bank on the rapper's legacy, but simply because it is his name. He also countered that unlike Dr. Dre, he actually earned the right to call himself a doctor.

In his defense, the gynecologist and media personality said that there likely will not be any confusion because Dr. Dre does not offer medical services or sell products related to the healthcare field. In addition, he said that the possible association with Dr. Dre might even hurt his career, citing misogynistic lyrics from some of his songs.

New Song Leaks

The news came out shortly after an unreleased song titled "12 Steps To Recovery" leaked online. Hip-Hop N More reported that some of the beats ended up in 50 Cent's "50 Cent For President" and "Could've Been You."

However, two tracks were not released. Jake One confirmed that the tracks were genuine and that he worked on them back in the day.

The publication assumes that "12 Steps To Recovery" was meant to be included in the album Detox, which was never released. It tells the story of his career starting from being relatively unknown to becoming a hip-hop icon. Unfortunately, a copy of the track has already been taken down.

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