January 23, 2019 / 8:23 PM

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50 Cent Pokes Fun At Kanye West Over Liposuction, Slavery Comments



50 Cent is taking aim at Kanye West for the latter's controversial remarks about slavery and his history of undergoing liposuction.

In a series of tweets, the "In Da Club" rapper revived his decade-old rivalry with the Chicago-born lyricist.

50 Cent Versus Kanye West

The two top rappers have been publicly feuding since 2007 when West's Graduation booted Fiddy's Curtis from the top of the music charts, NME noted.

In 2006, The "Candy Shop" rapper expressed his support for former U.S. President George W. Bush after West had proclaimed that the Republican leader was anti-black.

Now, the South Jamaica-born rapper is riding the waves of online hate against West by making a snide remark on Twitter, referencing the latter's controversial statement about slavery of the blacks in the history of America.

Earlier this month, the father of three received criticism from fans and fellow celebrities after he had declared that slavery was a choice. While he never retracted, West explained that the community did not rise up because the black community was "mentally enslaved." He pointed out that, until now, people are still enslaved by the past.

This is in line with his current disposition about the past, finally letting go, and moving on. It's the same thought that he expressed when he supported Candace Owens, a popular critic of the Black Lives Matter.

Another tweet by 50 Cent seemed to attack West when he mentioned his rival's previous liposuction. Last week, the self-proclaimed genius talked about getting addicted to opioid after he had been prescribed the drug while healing from liposuction.

The "burn" would likely strike a nerve to West because his mother, Donda, died years ago after she underwent liposuction.

The 40-year-old has not publicly responded to 50 Cent's quips but that might be because West has been facing fierce criticism from other celebrities for his controversial political stance.

Meek Mill Versus Kanye West

In a recent conversation, rapper Meek Mill, who recently got out of prison, gave a sage advice to his fellow artist: think and rethink his opinion before sharing them with the public.

Mill told CNN that he already reached out to West and spoke to the rapper-designer about his recent controversial statements. The Philadelphia-born lyricist has been the face of the corruption and racial discrimination that continues within the justice system in the United States. He personally has experienced racism, but he is not pushing his own opinion to his fellow hip-hop artist.

"Just before you speak, think 10 times before you speak. Make sure you're educated about the things you're speaking on and really addressing things in proper way," he shared to CNN. "I think he mean well, but things just might be getting out of control. Sometimes, I talk too fast myself, so who am I to judge?"

West is set to release his new album in June.

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