Azealia Banks breaks her silence about her not-so-good experience on Wild N' Out. The singer cried mistreatment after she had been reportedly made fun of during taping.

On her Instagram account, Banks detailed her experience on the set of MTV's reality TV show. She claimed that she was ambushed by the producers and was only booked to perform songs and not participate in the comedic battles.

Banks also revealed that she cried over the inflammatory jokes said about her. An unnamed man of color called the singer ugly and accused her of being a colorist. The singer concluded her lengthy post by saying that she has never felt as much hate as she did during taping.

Nick Cannon Responds  

A few hours after sharing her version of the story, Nick Cannon, the producer of Wild N' Out responded to her claims. On his Instagram Story, Cannon accused Banks of creating her own storms and then forgetting to bring her umbrella. He also uploaded a screenshot of one of the singer's posts.

"If I were to make fun of Nick Cannon for having lupus and being weak and sickly... If I made a joke that said he'd be dead by the end of the year... Then Azealia Banks is the bad guy... Right?" wrote Banks.

Azealia Banks's Upcoming Album

In related news, the singer is expected to release her new album this year. Fantasea II: The Second Wave will feature a total of 22 tracks including Banks's collaborations with Mel B, Busta Rhymes, and more.

Three months ago, the singer opened up about her music project and said that her new song, "Anna Wintour," was supposed to feature the voices of Mel B and Nicki Minaj.

"So I hit up Mel B, and she was originally down, but she has got kids. I have four dogs and two cats, so I know how busy life gets. She's just really busy being a mom and raising kids and doing her gig on America's Got Talent. She's always super-busy. By the time I needed to turn in 'Anna Wintour,' we couldn't wait for her to get in the studio," explained Banks.

The singer clarified that tapping Minaj was just her idea, but she never sent the song to the "Anaconda" singer. After all, Banks was worried Minaj would have said no to her anyway. Overall, "Anna Wintour" was just a ghost collaboration between the three artists.