June 26, 2019 / 3:00 PM

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Drake's 'In My Feelings' Challenge Is 'Foolish, Dangerous,' Warns NTSB



The National Transportation Safety Board is discouraging everyone from doing the "In My Feelings" Challenge. The challenge requires fans to get off of a moving vehicle.

On Thursday, the board released a statement after it had seen several videos featuring Drake's fans doing the routine in traffic outside of ghost driving vehicles.

"Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death in the U.S. Hopping out of a moving vehicle or jumping into lanes or traffic to show your dance moves is foolish and dangerous - to you and those around you," read the statement.

The board also stressed the fact that there are right time and place for everything. However, the roads and highways in the United States are not the right places to do the "In My Feelings" Challenge.

Shiggy Choreographs 'In My Feelings' Dance

Social media star Shiggy launched the "In My Feelings" challenge in June when he choreographed the dance moves to Drake's track. It sees a fan driving his car when he suddenly hears "In My Feelings" playing on the radio. The fan gets out of the car while it is still moving and somehow runs after it while doing the dance steps.

Thousands of people from across the globe had tried the "In My Feelings" Challenge and even though some of them were successful at it, others failed miserably. Some fans tried to get out of the moving vehicle only to fall on the ground. Others also injured themselves.

As of late, the board does not blame Drake or Shiggy for the ongoing "In My Feelings" Challenge craze. After all, the social media star previously reminded everyone to not do the challenge while in traffic. He also said that the focus of the challenge is not to be able to get out of a moving vehicle but to do the dance steps that he choreographed.

'In My Feelings' Challenge Arrests

In related news, the "In My Feelings" Challenge saw the arrest of three social media stars in Abu Dhabi. In Spain, police officers have also warned anyone who would jump out of their car and do the challenge to potentially face criminal charges if they cause harm to themselves or other people.

Those who still wish to do the "In My Feelings" Challenge are being encouraged to do the moves while inside their car.

"When we saw this trend, we wanted to remind people what should be common sense, to not hop out of a moving vehicle. The dance floor is the right place for dance moves, not our nation's roads or highways," said Christopher T. O'Neill, NTSB's chief of media relations.

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