The 24-year-old rapper, Tekashi 6ix9ine, beats a record in 24 hours. He now holds the YouTube hip-hop record for the biggest debut in one day with his latest single, "GOOBA." The young rapper released his newest song last Friday, May 8, and broke Eminem's fort with the most-watched hip-hop music video in a day.

Tekashi 6ix9ine, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, is reigning the hip-hop scene once again when he debuted his comeback music on his birthday. Chart Data reports that the music video of "GOOBA" easily gained 43.5 M views on YouTube within 24 hours. As of this writing, the MV has reached 75.5 million hits on the streaming platform.

The hip-hop track beat "Killshot," Eminem's diss rap about Machine Gun Kelly, held this record with 38.1 million fresh viewers in 2018 in a day.

"GOOBA" is the first music done by Tekashi69 after his early release from prison on April 2. The track took on his stand for those who are branding him a" snitch." Watch the record-breaking video now -

6ix9ine surely knows how to break his presence in the public eye. On the same day of his album release, May 8, just after the launch, the rapper went live on Instagram. The session captured simultaneous 2M viewers that broke another record of the most-watched IG live video. The Brooklyn native talked about not regretting cooperating with the prosecution team and defended himself for doing the act. He was quoted as saying, "Y'all could never cooperate with the government and come back."

Tekashi ratted about his former gang, who allegedly kidnapped and beat him, and he further stressed, "I'm supposed to be loyal to that?" The rapper took much pride in his live stream when he tweeted "I'm still the King of New York" with a screenshot showing the number of viewers tuned in to his IG live session.

Tekashi 6ix9ine was granted an early release from his imprisonment in Queens Detention Facility in New York City last April 2 out of humanitarian concerns. The rapper suffered "serious asthma attacks" while behind bars, as confirmed by his defense team, who cited that the coronavirus pandemic could heighten his health risk.

Hernandez, who is born from a Mexican mother and Puerto Rican father, was arrested in 2018 for his involvement in several crimes with the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods gang. Faced with possible 37-year imprisonment, he struck a plea deal by testifying against the gang members, which lowered his sentence to two years.

Tekashi's house arrest

He was granted home confinement by Judge Paul Engelmayer of the US Southern District of New York for the rest of his two-year sentence. Under the ruling, Hernandez was also given authority to produce his music video while on house arrest. On the April 29 provision, he is allowed a limit of two hours a week as part of "employment-related activities." Hernandez, with a $10 million record contract deal, continued working on his music during his time in prison. It is not clear how "Gooba" was produced and released with fast turn-around time.

Dawn Florio, one of Tekashi's lawyers, disclosed last month that the rapper would be working on two new albums - one in English and the other one in Spanish, while he finishes his sentence at his temporary home.

The supposedly secret location of his home imprisonment was reported to have been compromised. His neighbor, according to reports, was able to capture a video of Tekashi69 in his balcony; it was posted on Twitter with the corresponding address.

The hip-hop star's lawyer, Lance Lazzaro confirmed to TMZ that Tekashi's temporary location was leaked in social media, and he had to be moved to another unknown address. The proper authorities were informed of the relocation action.