June 17, 2019 / 11:46 AM

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Nicki Minaj Criticized By Forbes Writer: 'She Reeks Of Desperation'

Forbes Writer Bryan Rolli recently criticized Nicki Minaj and her upcoming album, 'Queen.' Fans were not also pleased with the singer working with 6ix9ine.

6ix9ine Allegedly Kidnapped, Robbed Of $750K In Jewelry

Controversial young rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine was reportedly kidnapped and robbed early Sunday morning following a music video shoot in Brooklyn. The armed men were able to take $750,000 in jewelry and another $20,000 in cash.

6ix9ine Teases ‘FeFe’ Remix, Possible Collaboration With Nicki Minaj

6ix9ine previewed the remix of 'FeFe' that will be released on Sunday. In the short video clip he shared, a female voice that fans swore belong to Nicki Minaj was heard.

6ix9ine To Release One Last Music Video Before Going To Jail ‘Forever’

6ix9ine just hinted at the possibility that he will be heading to jail forever. The rapper also said that he will release a new music video for his fans before he gets locked up.

6ix9ine Granted Bail After Transfer To NY Prison’s Contagious Disease Unit

Tekashi 6ix9ine spent two days in prison before his request for bail was granted by a court in Manhattan on Friday. He paid $150,000 for his freedom and was released on Friday night.

6ix9ine Arrested In NYC For Allegedly Choking Houston Teen

6ix9ine was arrested in New York City following an outstanding warrant in Houston from January of this year. The rapper's team claimed that the choking incident is being addressed.

Rapper Chief Keef Shot At In New York, Blames Beef With Tekashi 6ix9ine

Chief Keef said that his beef with Tekashi 6ix9ine resulted in a dangerous encounter with the latter's men in New York City. According to his own account, two unidentified men shot at him early Saturday morning.

6ix9ine Says Upcoming Album Will Feature Drake, Travis Scott

6ix9ine recently hinted at a collaboration with Drake, Travis Scott, Diplo, XXXTentacion and more. However, his claims have not yet been confirmed by the artists he mentioned.

WATCH: 6ix9ine Channels Drake’s Generosity In ‘Gotti’ Music Video

6ix9ine's official music video for 'Gotti,' which was released last week, has already garnered over 7 million views. The song was released after the rapper had a heated exchange with Adrien Broner on social media.

Rapper 6ix9ine Gets Into A Fight At LAX After Talking Gun Control, Taunting 'Haters'

6ix9ine was involved in a brawl that stemmed from unknown reasons outside LAX. At one point, he fell down in the middle of the street and in front of oncoming cars after he was pushed by unidentified attackers.

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