Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, called "The Chromatica Weather Girls," celebrated the rain in a new video as they carried umbrellas amid the "pouring" rainfall. The "weather forecast" was posted on May 26 on both pop stars' social media. The pair recently released the song "Rain On Me," their much-awaited collaboration, which is the second single off Lady Gaga's upcoming album "Chromatica" that is due to drop on May 29.

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande
(Photo : YouTube/Lady Gaga)
Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande declaring "Rain On Me" with 100% rain all summer.

RELATED: Listen: Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande Release "Rain On Me" Epic CollabIn the funny skit, Gaga and Grande are carrying umbrellas wearing glam outfits with rain pouring over them while broadcasting the weather forecast. The video was presented in partnership with The Weather Channel. See their exciting news here -

"It was beautiful just yesterday, but oh wow, how things have changed," was the introduction of Lady Gaga, dressed in a white bodysuit with tutu skirt and large, fashionably embellished pink dark shades. "Today, it is pouring rain," the weather girl Gaga continued, "we are soaking wet." She went on to proceed with her appreciation of the downpour before she called on her partner, weather girl Ariana who was stationed at Beverly Hills.

Ari responded with "Rain on me, tsunami!" which is one of the bars in their duet. She went on to report, "Water like misery, but the people are still going."

Gaga referring to the theme of their duet, replied that the "world is rising up in a massive act of kindness to celebrate the rain."

After a few more banter between the two, they agreed they are thirsty. "Bring on the rain!" exclaimed Gaga, and Grande predicted that it would be raining all summer. As the clip comes to an end, their props people turned off their hoses for the fake rain.

The audio track of "Rain On Me" was dropped on May 22, and the music video premiered soon after. Coming in after the heels of the first single "Stupid Love," the new track is another dance-pop genre of which Lady Gaga is best known.

The video takes a highly energized and electric feel complete with elaborate costumes that are alternated mostly in pink and black. Both were glammed with fabulous makeup. And of course, there is the iconic rain. Ari, as teased by Gaga, with her flowing long black hair, took on a level higher as she sang and danced along with the voltaic "Bad Romance" singer.

When the MV was released, immediately Little Monsters and Arianators dropped their jaws and non-stop raving comments. Many have posted their versions of the superstars' dance choreography, which are a perfect combination of the upbeat, catchy song.

Watch the sensational video now -

Lady Gaga's sixth studio album "Chromatica" will finally be out on May 29 after suffering a delay due to the coronavirus. Gaga felt it was not proper to come out with her new project as there are more pressing matters that needed attention brought by the pandemic.

On April 22, the singer-songwriter shared the tracklist of her upcoming album, which was pre-empted due to an accidental leakage online when the retailer Target allegedly posted the front and back covers for pre-ordering. The post was revised afterward.

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