Blink-182 is California-based punk rock band composed of bassist Mark Hoppus, guitarist Matt Skiba, and drummer Travis Barker. They are best known for their energetic live shows and questionably humorous lyrics. The South Californian band was considered crucial to the pop punk scene in the early 1990s as most of their songs are more radio-friendly compared to other bands. With that being said, here are some of Blink-182's most memorable songs.

All the Small Things

Blink-182 released the music video for this song on MTV and it is a parody of boy bands that were popular during this time such as Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync. Aside from that, the song features a catchy tune which helped it reach Number Six on the Billboard music charts. This is probably the band's best track in terms of commercial success.

I Miss You

This is another one of Blink-182's legendary songs. Compared to previous tracks, this features a more mature tone as it is about the depression one feels due to a failed relationship. This heartfelt ballad is a favorite among fans and radio stations. The track reached Number 42 on the Billboard 100 back in 2014. It even inspired many future artists to write their songs including "Closer" from electronic pair The Chainsmokers.

What's My Age Again?

This prankster anthem is the about a character who does not act his age - annoying people with pranks and acting like a child. The music video features the three band members running across Los Angeles wearing nothing. "What's My Age Again?" is basically about not caring about what other people think and pursuing activities that makes one happy. It peaked at Number 58 on the Billboard charts and is considered another one of Blink-182's most successful tracks.

Up All Night

This is the first single from their 2011 reunion album Neighborhoods. "Up All Night" shows that the band has matured from their prankster past. It is an anthem for people who face life's challenges in the middle of the night. Though it only reached Number 65 in the Billboard 100, the members feel that this new musical direction is a step towards the right one.

7 All Time Favorites from Blink-182
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The Rock Show

Most of Blink-182's fans are teenagers and that is because the band write songs that most teens can relate to. One of which is this track that tells about a story of a teenage boy who fell in love with a punk girl. The character saw the girl on a rock show and is completely enamored by her. This fast punk track reached Number 71 on the Billboard music charts.

Stay Together for the Kids

Another relatable song is this heavy ballad that tells the story of how a child suffers because of divorce. The original music video for the song featured a wrecking ball, representing how divorce destroys a home. This was during the 9/11 attack so the band decided to remove the symbolism as it may not be appropriate for the time being.

Adam's Song

This melodramatic punk song is inspired by a teenage suicide. Before the kid killed himself, he left a note for his family. Ironically, this song inspired a Columbine student to hang himself. The band insisted that the track was not meant to encourage the event but rather to prevent it. Nevertheless, they were completely rattled by the report.

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