Nothing is holding back Olivia Rodrigo's success. Since January, her new music, 'Driver's License' has enticed the world with editors featuring her on the cover. Scriptwriters included the star as the subject of an SNL sketch, and the Brit Award organizers made her a performer in the show. Two more songs followed after such release, and then the Disney star finally dropped her debut album, 'Sour.'

The new album, 'Sour, ' consists of 11 songs that talk about heartbreak, coming of age, and the ill side of social media and its effect on the Gen Z populace. Her songs are a result of a creative collaboration with producer and collaborator Dan Nigro. Rodrigo wrote most of the tracks herself.

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Brutal Breakup Tunes

The 30-year old songstress talks about heart-wrenching breakups but with a different attitude. Pitchfork described her songs as a 'nimble and lightly chaotic grab of breakup tunes, filled with both melancholy and mischief.' The use of grunge guitar and distortion also caught critics' attention. Instead of taking a gentle approach, Rodrigo's 'Driver's License' is 'brutal' in expressing her self-doubt, high expectations, and her awkward parking.

Evolving Versions of The Self

A review pointed out that this breakup theme does not center on the competition between two women competing to get a man's affection. It talks about the versions of the self that emerged after a breakup and how an ex-lover cannot fit in anymore in the recent version.

One can observe an exploration of this theme in the song, 'Enough for You.' The first few lines of the song went through the usual pattern of rearview confession of a woman who felt insecure with herself as she compared her to her lover's prom queen ex-girlfriends. As the song progresses, it took a different turn.

"...the song plays like an elegy for a persona that no longer fits, Rodrigo singing with a quaver over a steady but reluctant acoustic guitar," as New York Times said.

Tay's influence in Olivia's music

Taylor Swift's influence on her songs is also undeniable. Rodrigo confirmed that she derives inspiration in writing her track, '1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back' from Taylor Swift's 2017 album, 'Reputation.' The title also refers to Swift's lucky number, 13.

There was no actual collaboration and meetup. And, the two celebrities only had the chance to meet up during the Brit Awards this month finally. One can see a goofy photo of Olivia Rodriguez and Taylor Swift in Rodrigo's Instagram.

Meanwhile, the High School Musical star's followers cannot help but speculate that the man she is alluding to in her songs is her co-star Joshua Bassett. Though there is no confirmation of the dating rumors, fans believed that the on-screen couple was dating in real life.

Fans particularly pointed out that the lyrics in the song, 'Traitor,' talk about the third-party situation with Bassett's alleged girlfriend, Sabrina Carpenter.

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