John Mayer has just released his new single "Last Train Home," a song he teased on his TikTok post and one that he talked about in an interview with Wall Street Journal. The American singer, songwriter, and producer also posted a sneak peek of this new release by posting a photo of an eight-bar fragment with an electric guitar and keyboard last March.

Mayer Talks About the Emotions Behind Newly Released "Last Train Home"

In the exclusive interview, the Grammy winner expressed his inspiration and idea behind the newly-released melancholic song. "Last Train Home juxtaposes lush chording and breezy cadences with the serious subject matter, in this case, a relationship in distress."

Mayer goes on by giving the first line of the song's verse: "If you wanna use me, then you gotta use me 'til I'm gone."

Don Was, the producer behind Mayer's three albums, says "The songwriting on the record is decidedly modern there's no throwback sensibility,"

"As a musician and a songwriter, he's as good as anybody at finding something that's going on in his emotional inner life and expressing it eloquently.", he added.

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John Mayer Copes With Pandemic Through Songwriting

In the interview, Mayer also talked about his upcoming companion album "Sob Rock," which is expected to be released on July 16. As reported by Complex, "Last Train Home" is a prelude to a new era of Sob Rock, which is described as a unique variety of rock.

Mayer said that the two pieces had been his pandemic shenanigans. He added that the Covid-19 lockdown inspired him to make a record. "This past pandemic year has been, on a grand scale, a "frightening, unbelievably tragic thing," he says in the interview.

Following this remark, he highlights the upcoming album "Sob Rock" as a piece that allowed him to find a place of comfort and assurance. Mayer said, "I asked myself, 'What music makes me feel like everything's going to be OK?'

He follows through with this by saying, "It's the music I listened to growing up in the '80s. "

There's a security-blanket aspect about that sound that reminds me of a safer time.", he added.

This explains the distinctive soft-rock vibe from the melodies and grooves of the song reminiscent of the music from the 1980s.

When the 43-year old was asked about his recent appearances on Instagram Live and TikTok, he says that his record label management head encouraged him to hop on the youth-fueled social media platform. This explains his virtual jam sessions and his recent TikTok engagement. As of the moment, his fans and social media followers are awaiting his soon-to-release album "Sob Rock."

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