Lorde spoke up about why she started keeping a low profile despite being a sought-after rock singer.

After years of performing, Lorde made it clear that she no longer wants to be a pop royalty despite releasing more songs.

In a new interview with The Wall Street Journal, the 24-year-old "Stoned at the Nail Salon" singer revealed to be trying to tone down things.

According to Lorde, she would want to have a room with 5,000 fans who knew her songs than to have more attendees who only heard two songs accidentally and liked them.

As of the writing, the new generation singers like Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo stormed the music industry instantly. However, the singer does not want to experience such glamor since earning less does not bother her.

"I have zero anxiety about it," she said. "But I'm sure there is someone with a spreadsheet somewhere, who can point to the ways in which I'm making less money."

She reportedly had a conversation with her manager, where she revealed she does not need anything anymore.

Per Lorde, she already earned money that could help her throughout her life. She also has a home where she can freely stay. With that said, the musician can say, "they are good on money."

Why Lorde Wants Everything Low Key

Before the interview, she refused to perform at arenas or sell CDs to promote her third album, "Solar Power."

Instead, she wanted to perform in smaller venues and release eco-friendly "music boxes." Because it is not counted as music sales, her album may not enter the Billboard 200 chart.

Lorde explained she is more of an "amphitheater girl" than an "arena girl."

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"I would be in the basement of a sports venue, showering in the basketball lockers - or, like, [the venue] would be named after a fast-food restaurant - and I'd just [think], 'I don't know if this is me,'" she went on.

As a result, she has been blessed by a smaller but dedicated fanbase. This allows her to roam around anywhere without being tailed by the paparazzi.

Lorde expressed how thankful she is to earn such a huge amount of respect, and the quality of her life remains good.

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