The Nirvana baby, born Spencer Elden, became famous at only four months old after gracing the band's cover album "Nevermind."

The picture, which shows a naked baby boy reaching for a dollar bill while underwater, became a cultural icon to the 90s grunge band fans.

However, the world was shocked upon hearing that he is suing the band and its members to distribute child pornography.

OK! magazine reported that Elden's lawyers claim their client is suffering "lifelong damages" after being forced to "engage in commercial sexual acts while under the age of 18 years old" for being naked in the iconic album cover.

Elden's lawyer also said that his parents didn't sign any form of legal documents that permitted the use of their child or his likeness, "and certainly ynot of commercial child pornography depicting him."

As previously mentioned, the Nirvana baby's lawsuit comes as a shock to everyone because of Elden's involvement over the years in several interviews, photoshoots, and autograph signings for a small bit of fame.

This even led fans to believe that he enjoyed being associated with Nirvana and their album.

He even recreated the photo several times, especially on its 10th and 15th anniversaries.

However, the lawsuit may come after lamenting the side effects of being a major band of admitted that he realized he isn't making money off of it.


Spencer Elden explained in an interview with GQ Australia, "You have these people who think you're cool because you're the Nirvana baby."

"But it's f------ weird, man. It's like that dream where you go to school without your clothes on."

The 30-year-old, however, has been paid to sign autographs over the years, and he even made fan convention appearances.

And despite the lawsuit, Elden is slated to attend a Comic-Con in Canada next year, with autographs are priced at $30 while photos alongside him will be $40.

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Meanwhile, a legal expert named Jamie White spoke about the case with the New York Post, saying what Spencer Elden is doing is "outrageous on so many levels."

White, who has represented child sexual abuse victims, told the publication, "Not only do I not think this lawsuit will hold water, I think the attorneys will be scrutinised for even filing this thing."

The lawyer also thinks that the case is offensive to the real victims of child porn, claiming, "the people that traffic in this garbage do it for sexual gratification."

He also believes that this entire thing is a "money grab."

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