Willie Nelson has been one of the foundations of country music over the past decades; however, his career was reportedly starting to fallout because he and his wife, Annie D'Angelo, has been fighting amid his alarming health condition; how true is this?

According to a report published by Globe last year, Nelson has been "pleading" to sing with Dolly Parton for the last time because he's reportedly struggling with pneumonia and emphysema.

His alleged health condition made him worry that he wouldn't have much time left to perform, so he reached out to the country songstress.

However, his wife is not happy with the idea as she's reportedly not "thrilled to see her husband lusting after Dolly Parton."

On the other hand, Parton doesn't want to sing with him because he's allegedly hard to sing with.

Aside from the abovementioned issue, there have been rumors surrounding Nelson's final tour because of his health struggles. National Enquirer reported that Nelson was forced to cancel several shows due to his health complications.

There is also a report regarding his partying habits. According to a report, D'Angelo wanted to call it quits after 30 years of marriage because of Nelson's "partying and stoner antics."

Nelson's wife was allegedly sick of his "cannabis intake," and her last straw was when he was seen partying with Kacey Musgraves.

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Willie Nelson's Issues Debunked

After a series of reports were written about the country music legend, Suggest debunked the claims saying the publications mentioned above aren't reliable.

Regarding his issue with Dolly Parton, the outlet mentioned that the two country singers couldn't have a disagreement because they are both seasoned professionals. There is also no proof that he reached out to Parton for a "final duet" aside from an unknown source mentioned by the publication.

Nelson's camp also debunked the rumors surrounding his final tour amid his health crises as his representative denied the claims.

Furthermore, despite pushing through his 90s, Nelson told Parade that music is what he does, and retiring from the industry is something that he won't even want to think about.

Lastly, regarding his marijuana intake, Nelson is old enough to be responsible for his actions. In fact, the country legend has his cannabis line called "Willie's Reserve," which he founded in 2015.

To conclude all of the issues and debunked the claims regarding his health, Nelson performed in Austin, Texas, a few weeks ago, and it only proves that he's excellent and could still dominate big events despite his age.

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