Nick Cannon seemingly found his next target after having seven kids.

During the 2021 MTV VMAs on Sunday, Cannon made people turn their heads, not by his outfit. The rapper, on the other hand, stole the cameras when he suddenly knelt down and jokingly proposed to Ashanti during the red carpet event.

In the photos that went viral, Cannon got down on his knee as he took Ashanti's hand then kissing it.

It remains unknown whether it was a sign that he wants to date the 40-year-old. However, internet users refused to buy it, especially since he already has seven kids from different women - Powerful Queen, Golden, Zillion, Zion, Zen, Monroe, and Moroccan.

Following the emergence of the snaps, internet users started expressing their disapproval over Cannon and Ashanti's interaction. Some even warned the singer to hide since it has only been weeks since Cannon welcomed his seventh child.

One Twitter user said, "Ashanti better hide her uterus. It's been a few weeks since Nick Cannon fathered a child."

"If Ashanti turns up pregnant blame Nick Cannon for kissing her hand," another wrote.

"There's no way Ashanti would waste her time on Nick Cannon. He can recruit some nobody for his harem," another added.

Nick Cannon Looking For More Moms

The steamy interaction between the two artists came after Cannon revealed he wants to have more kids.

Cannon recently said he does not have any problems having more kids. He also claimed he will not stop having more kids if that is "God's plan" for him and will keep fathering as many children as possible.

"God willing, man. We'll see. If God sees it that way, then that's what I'm gonna keep doing," he said.

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Despite his willingness to get more children, he clarified that he does not want to get married since he disapproves of the "Eurocentric concept" of a union. For Cannon, a person should not have only one person for the rest of their lives.

This year, he welcomed his baby number 4 to 7, with his second pair of twins with Abby De La Rosa arrived in June. His seventh child, meanwhile, came a week after Zion and Zillion were born.

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