The latest episode of VERZUZ is going viral as Ja Rule takes over the stage and dumps Fat Joe over their heated battle in New York City.

The two rappers were the main event for the show's latest edition, which was held at Madison Square Garden. The performance is making headlines with all the raw smack-talking that was witnessed by several guests who attended.

The grand NYC affair was complete with an intermission between acts to cool down the shots fired by Joe, who attacked Ja Rule's relevance in the music industry.

  Pitchfork reported that the "All The Way Up" singer teased his long-time friend with a heavy one-liner asking, "Where [have] you been the last ten years?" which resulted in Ja Rule boasting that his short career still out shadowed every single work Joe put out for his fans.

Surprise Appearances on VERZUZ

Aside from having two legendary artists tear each other's reputation apart, another reason why VERSUS garnered such a vast audience was because of its special guests.

According to sources, the crowd at MSG's Hulu Theater went crazy once they spotted Diddy and Khaled step up among other celebrities who were also present. The comment section also made their presence known under the web series' official Instagram account, which live-streamed the whole event.

Before the showdown, rumors were circulating that 50 Cent was bound to make an appearance in NYC that night but ended up never happening.

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50 Cent Steals the Spotlight

Technician the Dj, who was excited the night, managed to shout out the rapper by lining up some of 50 Cent's classic tracks during intermission.

The DJ wasn't the only one bringing up the "In da Club" singer, as online fans can't seem to let go of 50 going MIA yet again. Irv Gotti didn't like how all the attention was going towards Cent, and he made that very clear.

Sources reported that the founder of Murder Inc. mentioned how the rapper had "sued us" after getting "beat up," the blurted bars weren't as impactful as the record producer thought.

The high-profile event continued to the next segment, which featured Lil' Mo and Vito, who took over the stage as Ja Rule "bodied" Fat Joe with a "Put It On Me" collab performance.

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