Paul McCartney is one of the greatest music legends of all time as he is a part of "The Beatles." Over the years, he has written countless songs for the band and other people. Recently, he candidly opened up the inspiration behind the iconic song "Rocky Raccoon."

In an interview with Bob Mortimer, the iconic "Beatles" member opened up his childhood accident, inspiring him to write a song.

He mentioned that it was Christmas time when he rode on a little moped bike to see his cousin Betty. McCartney was amazed by how big the moon was at the time, so he looked up without noticing that his bike was on the side and there was no way to get it up. (watch the interview below)

Following this, he mentioned that he hit the pavement, causing his lip to break open. The incident left him bruised, and his cut was needed to operate as soon as possible.

When the singer went to the hospital, he mentioned that the doctor was pissed because it was a holiday. He then proceeded to get "a couple of stitches."

McCartney described the doctor as drunk as his words were slurred and had no anesthetic.

"And he's trying to thread the needle but he can't see it, so Betty takes it off him and she threads it." the musician recalled. (via The Independent)

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Paul McCartney's Autobiography Coming This November

The interview mentioned above is part of McCartney's long-awaited autobiography titled "The Lyrics: 1956 to The Present," which features the origins and behind-the-scenes trivia behind the songs he has written over the past decades.

According to McCartney's website, his autobiography is described as an "extraordinary book with unparalleled candour."

In total, the musician will feature over 154 songs from all stages of his career, including when he was a member of "The Beatles" and when he pursued his solo music.

The book will be published on November 2, 2021.

The autobiography is only limited to 175 copies which are all signed by the legend himself. All copies include a print of a lyric sheet made by the musician.

According to, the book is available for pre-order. The Hardback copy is priced at £69.75

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