Megan Thee Stallion transformed from a legendary rapper into a steamy hot girl coach.

Megan formally announced her new training project with Nike in a new video on Thursday.

On her Instagram account, the 26-year-old "Savage" hitmaker started the promotion by sitting at a desk inside the top-floor office of the Real Hot Girl Studios.

"Like I told you before, real hotties put other hotties on!" she said. "I know I make this all look so easy, but this didn't happen overnight."

She also shared in the voiceover how she was once only a young girl in Houston who tried hard to find her way toward stardom. Meanwhile, the visuals showed people's past comments on her, including a person telling her to play basketball because of her height.

Statements followed and suggested that she should play several sports, including volleyball and track-and-field.


Megan reportedly tried all of them but never successfully found the perfect one for her.

From there, she realized she needed to find her passion and only do the things that could make her happy.

Megan Thee Stallion Not an Athlete

In another part of the video, a gym coach told her he would not call her an athlete if she couldn't do sports. Megan hit back and challenged the coach to do 12-hour dance routines in front of 50,000 people.

She then began running, squatting, and trying yoga poses before running put on stage to perform in front of thousands of her fans.

"People like to tell us what we can and can't do. But we ain't hearing that. Real hot girls know, no one can define us but us," she went on.

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In the caption, Megan said that her sports are dancing, rapping, and performing - and she is an athlete in her own way.

Her recent transformation came after shocking the 2021 Met Gala crowd with her Marilyn Monroe vibe. On Monday evening, she called herself "Megan Monroe" as she carried herself in Coach ballgown with a ruffled hem in front.

While Megan's look became the highlight of her night, the rapper's interaction with BTS made her day more special. She shared the special moment of her taking a photo with the group on her official Twitter account.

"It's Thee Hot Girl Coach and BTS," she captioned the photo.

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